Saturday, June 1, 2013

It’s the Moment!

31st May 2013, my final exam result was announced! And yes, I am acknowledged to be a graduate from NTU as Bachelor Degree of Applied Physics! Woohoo! Time to plan ahead, for my next phase of life.

First to be planned, my convocation on 31st July! I went to my girlfriend’s convocation, and arranged the whole itinerary, transportation, timing, photography session, and attire. It wasn’t too difficult, but it was tiring, as I was the driver the whole time. Now it’s time to plan ahead for my convocation. Accommodation, transport, places for short travel in Singapore. And for myself, to register my attendance, rent/buy convocation gown, and invite friends and family.

Besides that, I got my job offer too! Lots of document to fill up @.@ Reply form, Application form for Employment/S pass, Personal Particulars form, Declaration of Directorship/Partnership/Proprietorship in Public and Private Companies. The declaration of directorship/partnership/proprietorship is just to confirm that I am not involved in other business that is related to my employer’s company, which might be conflicts. And yes, I need to do medical check-up for the Employment/S pass application too.

One last thing, graduation trip! Going to Australia, backpack tour end of this month. That will be the longest trip and getaway so far in my life, and also the most money-burning trip. LOL. I wish to experience the life of backpacker, together with other 4 experienced guys, so I could plan my trip for my future.

Right after the trip, I will start my job as Research Assistant in Temasek Laboratories, and waiting for my convocation. I can’t wait for it, can’t wait for it~

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