Saturday, June 8, 2013

Patience and Passion

Everyone needs to pay effort to get something. Nothing is granted. If we are offered a job, we prepared well for the interview. If we are healthy, we did monitor our food intake and effort in daily exercise. If we have many friends, we spent time to be socially attached with friends. We did something good, we get rewards. We can say we are granted, but we are granted for having the chance to get rewards. What goes around comes around, be it good or bad.

Sometimes, something, need patience in order to get the result. One does not have to be a good predictor, but one can be patience in order to wait for the long term result. Personally, I deal with a lot of things in my life, which require me to be very patience, in order to see the result. One, plan of my education pathway. Second, long term investment. Third, researching in science.

I planned my education journey since secondary three. I decided to study in Singapore. During that level of education, I am so nervous to know whether I can enter university in Singapore. I couldn’t wait to finish my secondary schools, enter the STPM (Pre-University level), and then University. The plan was there, and performing the plan was very crucial at every steps. After PMR, there is SPM. After SPM, there is STPM. And finally, I got it! Admitted into NTU! That was one of the long term plan I have had. From the begin, to the end, it was a 5 years plan before I entered university.

Long term investment is another patience-challenging task and patience-building training for me. There are many ways to invest in stock, buy low sell high, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, “the predictor”, blablabla..But, I choose to be long term investor. Since 2007, I started investment. I learn from internet, learn from my brother, learn from seniors in the forums, and study broad. 2007 to 2012, I achieved some remarkable returns on my investment. That motivated me further to be more patience, and my knowledge about investment getting better and better. It was another 5 years that teaches me a lot, train my patience, gain my experiences.

Researching in science, is the job I am doing currently. As a graduate from Physics, I involved in research field. Research is the longest term of task in the world. Research is endless, and patience is of course needed. However, this era is so different, everything is about money. No money no talk. We need money to do research, to conduct experiment, to buy instruments, to pay copyrights for references. Research is nowadays shifting more into commercial, especially in Singapore, where the living culture is so money-based. Research has to be economically viable. We can’t spend too much researching something that will turn out to be very expensive, although it might be interesting and discovering. Unless, we are so sure that it is going to change the world. But, research nowadays is quite focusing on something that is economic, yet still able to change the world.

However, I am a newbies in research field, with zero experience. I don’t have too many facts about it, and I don’t have many comments on what will be going on in future about research. But, I understand, patience is close related to passion. When we a passion on something, we will be patience. It is so true, when I got the passion to enter university in Singapore, I am patience enough to study hard and take each of the steps crucially and steadily, passing few important qualifying tests (PMR, SPM, STPM). When I got the passion in investment, I am so patience to wait for the long-term result. The result is my rewards.

Same thing I got to have in my current research job. I have to be passion, and patience, to contribute something to the company, to the society, to the world, to everyone. Apart from that, my patience and passion will lead me through my life, growing myself up and grabbing more rewards from the effort that I paid of from today onwards.

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