Saturday, July 13, 2013

Australia is just so beautiful (1)

I have just been to Australia for my grad trip. Together four other guys, in a white Toyota Camry, travelling for more than 5000+km, from Victoria to South Australia to Northern Territory. Throughout the journey, I could say the scenes were just too beautiful, even with a normal digital camera, I can capture quite some great shots.
The beginning – Melbourne
Our journey started from Melbourne city. It was winter, very cold. The night I arrived the airport was about 11.30pm, which was about 5 degree Celsius. First time experiencing the winter, at first it was ‘aircond-feel’ in the airport. Once we walked out, the feeling of coldness was immediate, even with my 3 layers of cloth including a winter jacket on. We chop’chop catch a cab and went back to hostel.
Melbourne city was huge, very well organised.
Melbourne City, view from the Eureka Skydeck.
The Eureka Skydeck, tallest building in the Melbourne, 297.3 metre in height.
The beautiful things about Melbourne was their buildings. They were mixed of new modern buildings and the old classic English building.
Some new and old buildings within Melbourne.
The Victoria State Library, and the Statue of Saint Joan of Arc in front of the library entrance.
They have the tram as the public transport to travel from one area to another area, public buses and of course cabs. But public transport are relatively expensive there.
One kind of the Tram in the Melbourne city.
Sunset or sunrise view should not be wasted in Australia, as they have a lot of borderless views that allow us to see the horizons instead of obstacles by other terrains. Here’s a sunset view of the Melbourne City.

Sunset view from Eureka Skydeck.
More photos of Melbourne:
Second stop – Warnambool (through The Great Ocean Road)
Great scenes started here! As we drove along the Great Ocean Road, besides the Great Ocean (Southern Ocean) as one of the fantastic views, the terrains along the ocean road, such as beaches, farmlands, cliffs, mountains, and sunset were worth for us to drive along the road instead of taking shorter journey to the next destination.
We’ve been to Split Point Lighthouse. The peaceful atmosphere was so virtual for me – a small cafe to chillax, and a house with very large area of garden beside the lighthouse. I guess, the owner who stays in that house should look very young, and he was in such a peaceful, stressless place, and the ocean scene was wonderful every day and night.

There are more houses out there on the mountains.
We went to Teddy’s lookout, which was at one of the mountain top beside the Great Ocean Road. Standing at the lookout, what was in front of our eyes was another wonderful view.
A shot from Teddy’s lookout.
Adding the effect of the sunshine far beyond the mountains, the whole picture was just so wonderful, so beautiful. The river was so clear with gentle flowing water, although the dry season making it drier.
Towards Adelaide – A better town to stay in term of weather
<To be continue…>

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