Saturday, August 3, 2013

New Life Story Begins

Convocation just ended last Wednesday. Having my whole family here, celebrating for my big day, specially thanks to my parents for bringing me up and complete the whole journey healthily, comfortably. Thanks to my siblings, who have been supporting me throughout the year, especially dealing with the high living cost here and the stressful lifestyle. And appreciation to my friends, who have been with me throughout the university, having fun together, suffering together.

And now, school time is over. Responsibility is changed. Leaping from university into the society, my mind set is no longer the same. Now, I have to serve back those whoever serve me previously, my parents, my siblings. Now, I have to pay back what I owed, papa mama’s love and of course, the bank loan.

Bank loan

Talking about bank loan, I have to start my repayment back to them. I have loaned tuition fee loan, study loan, and PC loan. Four years back, I loaned 1300+ to buy the laptop I’m using now to write this blog. Four years later, today, I totally forget that I don’t really own this laptop yet! I have to pay back the loan to my school today.

Tuition fee loan and study loan, I have to pay by monthly instalment. Planning to pay for up to 10 years. I know, it’s a bit long, and I might be charged with a lot of interest. But, I would like to split my money into two parts, loan repayment + investment, which I have described previously in my blog. Is there a better way for loan repayment:

Besides paying monthly instalment, I could also pay by partial amount, which I can pay to the bank at anytime I want. So, whenever I have extra money, I can pay back the debt to reduce the principal amount.

Life isn’t the same anymore with the debt

Life have to be changed, I have to earn money to pay back the loan. But, at least this is not a bad debt. I use this money to earn the knowledge from the school, which I am using these knowledge in my current job. Very well, it’s an investment! Not in term of money, but it is a self-improvement. Investment can be any term, physically, mentally, socially, and money.

Convocation is over, holiday is over, time to get back to job. See you soon!

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