Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Something about Nanning Investment Project - Attn to "Anonymous"

Hi "Anonymous", thanks for commenting and indicating your idea in the blog
Observation in Nanning, GuangxiSo sorry I can't leave a comment there of more than 4,096 characters in the blog.

Before I start clarifying my points, I have to make my stand clear. I am neutral to this, as I'm not convincing people this is a golden opportunity or persuading people this is actually a scam.

Hope you will be patience reading through my following comments:

1) After few days listening to the "convincing" talks by them, straight to the point, it is in fact a "pyramid" system, a money game.

2) None of the money to be invested in this investment is related to the development project in Nanning, which mainly done by China government.

3) They said: "You join our family, you invest in this investment, you invite more people to join, and our so-called 'fund' in the bank growing, which is indirectly used by government to develop the Nanning area." What do they mean?
In order to develop, Government need funds. Where does fund from? From the bank. Where does the bank's money from? From people's saving. So, you can see, the investment opportunity is actually asking people to save more money into the banks in China, hence helping China to have more fund to develop. At the same time, you who joins this investment have chance to earn profit too. But, it does not mean you are directly investing into China government.

4) They said: "Once you earn profit from our investment, you will spend money here, and startup business here too. And thus the Nanning area will be developed by us too." That means, the investment plan is for you to earn "fast money", then invest back to develop the Nanning BY YOURSELF, not through the government. You are investing your own startup, not investing in Nanning government development. But, in some sense, if you build up business there, you also help in developing the area. Again, that does not mean you are investing in government.

5) In one way of interpretation, it is a "indirect" investment to the government development in Nanning. In fact it is not.
In another way of interpretation, it is a "pyramid" system make use of the name of "Nanning development investment opportunity", so that it can be more convincing for people to join.

6) They are not "illegal", but they are not "legal" too. What does it mean? It is not illegal because there is no law saying that you can't save your money into someone's bank account. In this investment plan, you are actually saving money to someone's account, and let the money inside grow in the bank. Whose account? I will talk about this next.
It is not legal because no official statement from the government supporting this investment opportunity. If you loss money, government WILL NOT compensate you. That's it.

8) So, whose account? Someone, I don't know either. But, they make the system to be quite transparent such that you got your statement every month on how your "part of money" grow, and there are actually 4 people at the top who can closely monitor the bank account. The 4 people keep changing. It changes when they reached their "goal" in the pyramid system.

Now, you can actually see, if this so-called "investment opportunity" is implemented in Malaysia, it is the same thing right? It does not matter whether the government is developing an area or not, you can still ask people to invest your "investment" plan, and ask people to join, save more money into the banks, and government can develop with our saving in the bank.

But of course, you won't simply throw money into something that is not realistic right? If you are told that the government is going to develop THIS AREA, join me blablabla..How are you convinced?
In order to convince people, they ask people to join the trip, have the in-situ observation of the development progress in Nanning. Indeed, the development progress is going on very rapidly. They are working everyday to build their infrastructure such as road, telecommunication, public assets, facilities and so on.

After reading my comments, I hope you don't feel confused about my point. I am not making any stand of saying "YES" or "NO" to this investment opportunity. I am clarifying what is actually going on there. Your "YES" or "NO", not to my decision.

Do let me know if you would like me to share more with you.


  1. Hi Mr.Kenny
    Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t expect a new blog post as your response, that’s why it took me now to realize that.
    Many thanks, I really appreciate you took the time to respond to my comment, clarify and sharing your thoughts on that. It’s so hard to find anyone to talk to regarding this, as one of the idea of the plan is to not be ‘loud’ about it with the reason that ‘they’ do not want it to be known to the public and worries about sudden influx of new recruits into the plan as they do not want the city to overgrow in a sudden.

    As for the legality of this investment opportunity , I still consider it as a fraud and scam, because a pyramid scheme will eventually collapse, resulting recruits in the lower pyramid to lose their money out. Since my relatives are quitting their regular day job to join this and think that it will last forever (Once there is no more potential recruits, ‘they’ will open a new plan and start all over again) , it really worries me. There are a few news article reporting more than 500 crackdowns of pyramid schemes in china this year, this just suggest pyramid schemes are regarded as illegal and is banned by the china government long time ago.

    I know for sure, people in the pyramid can get money as long as there is a new recruit to come in, but is there pride, honesty and honor of joining this? You’ll end up destroying the families and friends of the new recruits when this pyramid collapses and also putting so much time just to convince people this is legal and do-able. It pains me to wonder if I can ever respect what they’re doing.

    I might be too young to understand this now, but this is what I’ve gathered with all my precious time for the past few weeks now. How am I supposed to trust something when there is not even a single documentation about it, no websites, no license, not even a company name, and the best answer they can give is to ‘’Go visit there, then you’ll know’’. I’m really lost, but there is nothing else I can do about it :\

    I appreciate your time to read this and sorry if my writting is bad.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Regarding your question about is there pride, honesty and honour, I would only say that it is subjective for different individual. That is, if you are at the top of the pyramid, and you earn a lot, and some people will feel it is a pride, but some people just feel you are earning fast money, nothing to be proud of. I am feeling the latter.

    You are to decide how your life is going to be, and what you want to achieve. For those who only want to earn big money, enjoy rest of the life, that's why they approach this system and earn fast money. And hence, they try to convince people to join them, in order to share with them the same "dream", which in fact, it is trying to make this whole society to collapse into single system, making everyone think the same way and do the same thing.

    For some people like me, who doesn't like to earn fast money, but to create, innovate, invent something and contribute to the society differently, I feel being more pride and honour when I achieve that. Even if I don't, the effort that I paid to try to achieve is meaningful to me. With this point, money is not much meaningful to me but a tool for my survival.

    As I have said, they try to convince people to think the same way and do the same thing. Nothing wrong. But, who is going to do the rest of other things? If everyone is giving money to others, and asking more people to give money to them, where does the money come from? How does the society sustain with everyone just aiming to earn money?

    So, what kind of dream? Earning money is not a dream. For me, achieving something is much more meaningful to me.

    Sorry if the topic is a bit off from what you asked. So, "go visit there then you will know." Things are very clear, as you said, no documentation, no website, nothing. If you are joining, you are purely believe in what they are doing. It is just like a bunch of sheep following the crowd moving, whichever direction they go, they just follow.

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  4. Hi Anonymous,

    Did you invest the money and start ern the 1st money...i start invest in year 2000 and i was the person who brings more than 20ppl join this plan and ern big money. Until now, no any action taking by China Government and no any scam that what u has written in your blog here.
    Is not saying that u wrong or anyone wrong...just i need to say is YOU NO EXPERIENCE IT and do not talking like a pro..Please go find 1 or 2 ppl out here to say their experience of being treated lie...ok!


  5. Bring gamblers to casino, not the innocent one, for heaven's sake.

  6. I Had 2 customer who went to nanning for investment...They told me 1 person can only bring 2 people there..Food & Accommodation are cover. They said within 6 months times, they will be earning a lot of money there...I was thinking, in this world, there is no easy money unless you put in your effort to earn it.. They have given up your business & job here & concentrate their investment in Nanning..

  7. we r planning the Nanning investment investigation ,plan to go in mid of August 2014.
    Anyone there with experiences ,pls share more.

  8. I got invited on a food & accommodation paid trip to Nanning China recently as they invite me to invest in businesses there. They say it's very profitable with high return rate. All I need to do is purchase an air ticket and they will arrange everything else. Sounds too good to be true. Any updates on this? I suspect a fraud scheme and even confront them about the pyramid scheme but they assure me that it's not any scheme and it's legal business. They even said that all the investors are Malaysian and we are all investing in Malaysian companies and businesses over there and not China owned companies. Any info and updates on this matter would be appreciated. Thank you.

  9. Hi,

    I just came back from nanning for a similar preview of this business plan. If this is brainwash, then I can say they do it very well. Now I'm actuallY planning to join the system.

  10. Any advice from those who have joined and have suffered. Please

  11. Those joined won't suffer because they already earned big money from their downline. When downline expand they'll get more income!

  12. Just came back from Nanning, my advice is if wan to join MUST be fast to earn back your $$$ & cabut.....hehehe

  13. Any scheme that promises big returns without any real selling of product is a scam. I was invited or rather ambush to attend a so called seminar a couple of weeks back in Singapore. One thing you will noticed, nowhere during the so called seminar do they mentioned anything about the company, investment. What they do is just give a presentation of Nanning and its potential and all the "regulars" will sing the same tune. You got to buy a ticket and fly down and see for yourselves the potential. Its too good to be true that its impossible to explain. Well honestly, if it is a legitimate business venture, there is no need to be evasive. A good business opportunity will have a good business plan for everyone to see. The thing is, if one really flies down and dump one money there, in the event the whole thing goes bust. Who can they go after, no one really. Cos the guys who gives the talk here, they didn't sell you anything. They just showed you a presentation on the Nanning and its development. You took the risk yourselves to fly down and invested your money in China. Mind you China, where the rules and laws does not follow anyone but their own. End of the day, greed has a simple rule, its it easy money, no one will be generous to share the formula.

  14. Most commonly use keywords for convincing friends/relatives to go Nanning :
    a) Very difficult to elaborate what business, you must go there and see/experience by yourself easier to understand the whole picture what's the investment for.
    b) In few months guaranteed you can buy expensive houses and cars if hard working, what business you can earn that much in few months?
    c) Act fast if full they don't accept new investor.
    d) Don't ever think you have money you can invest, they only accept ppl who really keen and want to earn money. After reading on media/internet/blog about this investment is a scam but they still go and invest mean they're real business mind they want these type of ppl only.
    e) Coward always failed in life, listen to someone say this is scam retreat immediately not even go and listen the business orientation first.
    f) You don't have to spend a cent or bring any capital just buy air tickets you loose nothing right? After that you decide to invest or not.

  15. Just curious to know what is the duration of the so call investment and also are we allowed to bring back the money we put in?

  16. I don't think you can take back your money that you put. I have a friend who wanted to withdraw the scheme but the upline told that you must find a replacement. You think so easy to find replacement kah...the investment is more than 100k lah.

  17. Dear Friend, Thank you for your feedback. By the way, do you know anybody who have benefit from this scheme?

  18. I just returned there last night! As all above said. Its own personal choice. As for the visiting of different members houses. IF you see it as "brainwash" then it is, for others its just an information sharing. We are equip to decide on our own and use our own eyes to see. I took my wife there as I was really planning to just have a vacation with every meal and lodging on them. Nothing to loose but at the same time, go there and experience yourself if this place has potential. Just see it as a currency investment wherein the two people you bring (the smart choices people wisely, else you earn nothing) is the interest you earn. You can't withdraw but you can sell your stock to somebody, which is the same as normal stock.

  19. I checked with my chinese friend in China. This is illegal. If police raid the place, everyone go to jail.The reason they do it low profile one on one presentation to avoid local to report the police.The person brought me there told me I have to be careful with local..i think it should be avoiding the local report to police....after checking a lot at typing Nanning ponzi scheme..a lot of bad experience appear...even china lawyer posted is illegal ponzi scheme.Nanning is the number 1 city ponzi scheme...even the wikileak exposed about this Nanning ponzi scheme.


  21. They even brainwashed me saying that this formula given by USA government and given to Singapore President Lee Kuan Yew when the country separated from Malaysia for country developement who gave this formula to China President Ding Xiao Peng . Do you believe? Any comments?


  23. Now mainland chinese people look down Malaysian. Mainland chinese is not easy being lied as mainland chinese said to me. My mainland chinese friend said that greedy Malaysian go and do only. I was being lied going holidays together which I was not awared of any investment.It turned out that brought me to brainwashing me. My valuable time was gone.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. The main reason they don't register a company name and no documents will be given if you invest you just give them money and sign documents which only kept by them you don't have any copy of it. This type of investment you think it's legal? Just use your brain and think. By doing this you can't and no proof to sue or lodge police report against them. For previous comment up there : They claimed the scheme was originally from Jews ppl who boosted Las Vegas then Spore took this scheme to developed Spore then Guangxi state gov took this scheme from Spore to apply there.... joker of the year 2014! Now it's IT era all information can be gained just click of a mouse yet they still can lied on this fact. If you're greedy of $$$$ you can earn, 100% you got their bait and no return. They promised you can quit anytime and get back your money but that's a catch that they never tell you the truth! Remember this is just like pyramid scheme, downline must keep pumping in money so upline can sustain, do you think money you put in can be easily taken out again?

  25. This game has been there quite some time already. Started with Chinese people, follow by Taiwanese, Hongkie, Macau, Singaporean & now Malaysian.
    There are many negative feedback you can find in internet by simply type in "广西南宁".
    "They" will claimed this is purposely done by Chinese's government to control the population entering there. But, if you watch Taiwan's TV show that discuss on this case, you should able to find out what it this all about. Those suffered Taiwanese have described all the details and finally the Taiwan authorilty has taken many action to avoid more people falling into it.
    But, for Malaysian, even Malaysia's government knew about the money keep flowing out from the country into this game. They may not want to stop it as they knew all involved people are Chinese. At the end, the more Chinese suffer is better from their point of view.
    The basic rules of the game is you put RMB 69,800 (RM 36,000), you can potentially earn a profit of RMB 7,800,000 (RM 4,000,000). >100 times profit !!!!
    What kind of investment will get you such a huge return in 1 ~ 2 years?
    "They" claimed is it related to the development of that city, please ask yourself, what kind of city development can provide you >100 times kind of return in 1~2 year ?
    As you may know property investment is having great return if a city is well developed. But, even for property investment, if you can get 10 times return, it is already incredible. No doubt, Nanning property has gorwn up. But, it is talking about 1~2 time only.
    Buying lottery may be the only way for you to earn such a big return if your are lucky enough. And the basic principle of lottery is also collecting majority's money & pay partially to the person who won the prize.
    Therefore, think yourself, the money you may probebly earn is from who? For sure it is from those join behind you. Not from any development 's investment as there is no any actual investment involved at all.
    Currently, it is estimated around 3,000 ~ 4,000 people in the games already. So, this is to say "they" need around 300,000 ~ 400,000 people to invest in to support this game to continue.....Again, always remind ourself....." 天下永远没有免费的午餐“, even there is, WHY CHOOSE ME ?

  26. "They " used CEO of Alibaba was once upon a time did this also. However it was contraditing with their recruiment policy teacher, politician, government officer students can not join. Jack Ma was lecturer before starting up bussiness.

  27. It is a big deep hole! Once you step in , you can not stay away from them.The club called " commercial chamber club " . Your money is used for joining club not investing. You fund money to unknown person account, not to the club or your upline. You could not take against "unknown" person later if you want to get back your money.That' s reason no complaint cases in newspaper. They said Geneva Gold..etc hv news in newspaper...but ..this one dont. So, It is true investment.Think twice before you invest.

  28. I just came back from this place couple of weeks ago and I was aware of the actual situation there. When I was there I asked the so-call old timer back there what is this all about and he frankly told me that this is a money game because there are no products involved (respect). However by using the term investment to make it sounds more like investment program.

    My earlier intention of going there was to seek any business opportunity available there especially on the properties site. The matter in fact,Nanning is growing city so if you guys have any extra cash why not go the take a visit if feel comfortable buy an apartment over there and if you guys have any business idea this is a very good place with lots of business opportunities and government incentives.

    Back to this so-call scheme/program/model, after few short meetings with old timer I'm felt more comfortable with it. At the end is all your own choice decision to join or not to join. It is logical and mathematically works if you confident and have the bravery to earn a big money in this industry. If it works for you then you will be somebody. Nobody is right or wrong just ask yourself you want or not only.

    I dare to say that both the government was aware of this project and same like the all world governments know Afghanistan is the one of biggest producer and exporter of drugs where they allow it to operate legally.

    Finally is up to your own discrepancy to join or not to join but for those who never went there before please do not comment like you been there before.
    While for me please guess that do I joining?

  29. Yes. You join , I guess. You will be in jail if anyone report to china police .

  30. Investment project burst !!!! Pls read China Press 29/11/2014

  31. Would you mind send the link of china press 29/11/2014.thanks


    All the stories...

  33. Not busted lah they're smart ass easy to get caught?... more info :

  34. Latest news : Mastermind of Guangxi, Nanning scam was arrested in China and he was sentenced to 10 year jail. Source : Guang Ming Daily.

  35. I had invested S$30,000 few months ago and subsequent month brought a friend who also invested S$30,000 and I collected few thousand dollars. 6 months passed and we had no new recruits, thus I lost over S$50,000 as I need to return S$30,000 to my friend. Please do not trust the pyramid game as cheating friends and relative money. I hope all Singaporeans should not invest in such scheme. Could the government do something.?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. "They" always commented can be refunded if you are not able to build your down line as this will stop your up line profit. Will "they"?

  37. They will never refunded your money even pleaded with them. The money collected already distributed from top to down the pyramid. No money left to return to you.

  38. Exactly the money once you "donated" in there you can't get it back! All empty promises saying you can get back your money when you get replacement on your position just an excuse to trap you to donate. That's why it's more appropriate to use term DONATE than invest. All money already distributed among all members how to refund? Ya for them to appreciate your generosity as a return they gave you little bonus as appreciation.

  39. "Fools rush in where angels fear to thread." "A fool and his money will soon be parted."

    These sayings are not created for no reasons. Some people despite knowing the truth refuses to acknowledge this is a scam cos they have invested too much and too deeply. To acknowledge the fact would only be to acknowledge they have been a fool.

  40. well well.....this is how rumours starts to spin......
    how often you guys hear....this...' i heard from my friend this & that? ' and then the news will start to spin as its real.
    when you wanna buy a car....go test drive the car...go feel it for yourself how the car response on the good is the performance....then u decide if u wan to purchase or not.
    Same goes to this Nanning investment.........dont just sit there and listen to what others say.....go there and look at it how legit this whole investment is.....still doubtful....go ask around the ppl there.....thts wat u do.
    Not just sit there n give your own set of views as u know it all.
    Cameron Highlands is a good example......flood n landslide...n operasi to catch illegals making it very dangerous to visit cameron....thts wat the newspaper wrote......and ppl will start to say as if they been there.....the truth is....only 1 part of cameron is affected.....and i can see nepal n bangla workers wondering around freely at brinchang town....bcos of the there are suffering.

    As for Nanning, go there n see for yourself n ask around. You are old enuf n wise enuf to make ur own judgements.
    If its illegal, i dun think you can even open saving account there under Tourist Visa in Nanning.

    1. True. If illegal and scam, it won't be flying news so many yrs! Pay huge amount of monies, u said scam, pay abit u said no free lunch. Congrats to your 9-5 daily Job ☺️

    2. Actually, I went around to 5 different banks....and 4 are willing to open account, no questions asked...only 1 requires a tenancy contract.

      For sure there are many getting rich....anything illegal is very lucrative....if you stay long enough/able to get many many many people in.

      Actually Chinese govt can be bothered coz involves foreigners bringing money into China. Kena con are the latest foreigners who are last before they one day decide to clamp down.

      Meanwhile, alot of money to be made from people bringing in fresh money

  41. No ?. ""Over the sailing under false colours" in Nanning pyramid scheme. I had a bitter experience after participated in this scheme 1 year ago and my family unable 2 recover even half of the capital as can''t receive any more money because no new recruits after my son's joined. I reprimanded my friend who brought me 2 Nanning and con me and my family. Prior to my participation, he promised I will get refunds as approval by Nanning's govt.. Do not believe in such mouth- watering tales. You can go to Nanning and c thoroughly yourself with lessons conducted at their house & tour of Nanning but be cautious in donating....{{{[[[[

  42. It is upline take downline money! Ponzi Scheme ! Nanning is ASEAN FREE TRADE ZONE. ANY ASEAN CITIZEN CAN OPEN BANK ACCOUNT...NO NEED TO BE THIS PONZI SCHEME member !

  43. It is illegal! Those already in there will akways say legal! When you are there, your friend will tell you to keep low profile because they afraid police raid.Thats the reason go to one upline house to another upline house to brain wash you instead at hotel.
    It is big deep hole! Dont believe anyone ask you to join.It is unethical money! As those had joined , they would never get back refund if they could not get downline!

  44. I believe the person behind is doing money laundering! The whole things is money laundering!As Malaysian when want to join , you have to bank in money to a company account .That company will transfer the money to this ponzi scheme group! When you want the money back from China to Malaysia, China company will transfer the money to your bank account! They said that refund will be given from upline if you can not get downline. How can you get money from upline as you never bank in to your upline account..He / She did not take your money.It is upline line take downline money plus the person who control this whole scheme has background of doing illegal bussiness to use this way for money laundering

  45. be it ponzi scheme or MLM or what so ever....why make a big bang out of it....?
    if its illegal....i think china goverment shld know about it and will take action to the mastermind and those involved.
    i just got back from 1 of the tours provided by my friend spend there a total of 5 days eat, sleep , drink n visit places of interest.
    There's nothing about low profile thru out the stay there......yes indeed we went house hopping listening to their "brain wash".
    how can u afford to do it in the hotel when there's a few of us attending?
    after their explanation....its very clear where the money comes from and how u earn the money.
    too bad i'm bck in Malaysia dreaming of this Nanning investment which i cant join. cos i dont have tht amount of money.
    illegal or not.......i'm sure is

  46. If you're genuine then why don't you apply for personal loan, sell your car or house since you said it's very profitable I bet you can buy back better property after you earned money from Nanning right? If don't have property then you can always borrow from Ah Long/relaives/friends too since you very keen to join the ponzi scheme. Pls read all comment from beginning, China gov can't do anything because no b/w, no company proof and the Malaysian mastermind was arrested on Dec. I bet you're hypocrite and one of their members who decoyed ppl to join.

  47. i dun have the money, why should i go borrow it?
    i dun have a big head dun need a big hat.....
    meaning, this investment is beyond my reach......there are ppl like u say....borrow money from family or ah do it. its EZ to say borrow than doing it.
    When you need to borrow money to do investment, you are forcing yourself to do something beyond your limits, hence....stress & panic will blind your judgement.
    let me say again....if u have not been there dun say as if you been there.
    Read carefully on the Malaysian mastermind that was arrested......if u been there you know tht the mastermind caught is doing illegal scheme n nothing related to this investment.
    for heaven sake....go do more of your research before commenting.
    dun act as if u know everything from Malaysia without going there to see....
    Dun just blindly read from the newspaper cos there's lots of false news in it.
    ( do u believe what the newspaper wrote about the opposition?) thts my point.

    Again, i'm not a member of this investment, but i wan to share my point of view of what i seen there.
    Right is right Wrong is wrong.....dun mix it up....right is wrong wrong is right

  48. SCAM, SCAM. ... NOT INVESTMET !!!!! The money you donated is distributed to the organisers in Nanning and your upline, you will only receive payout when you bring in people,, is this called investment, ???????. Not enough people to hold brainstorming in hotel or public. I noticed 4-6 ppl leaving the apartment, another group of 4-6 people waiting at lobby and continue everyday. U said not enough ppl.

  49. I wish those kept saying it's genuine investment put all their life saving in there. I'm very happy because you will be earned lot lot of money :)

  50. it scam or not....
    its your right to join or dun join.....if its a scam.......well..this is a succesful scam....
    better than putting your money in malaysia n be scam by your beloved goverment every day little by little....
    either way....u r edi being make no difference....its either you been scam knowingly or unknowingly.... but yet you are not complaning.....wakaka...

  51. If the Nanning government needed a large development fund, they could just setup a state-owned public development company to get the public fund through shares. Never heard a government get public fund this way. Stop being naive all these investors! You will be lucky enough to get back even a little bit from what u have invested.

  52. The government will never get development fund through people's saving please! Government encourages people to spend, not save, so that they could get income through the taxes imposed. Spending helps improve country's economy, that's general knowledge.

  53. Anybody intend to go on nxt month?
    I goin to see see look look
    anyone wants to join me?

  54. I had gone last year.It is ponzi scheme.Scam

  55. Can be said 90% went there will invest because over they the victim has been brainwashed by few experienced scam expert. They can make you invest after you listened to their lecturing IF YOU ARE GREEDY!!.....

  56. I agreed that once you step into Nanning and listened to their talk 90-95% will be brainwashed by the scam expert . I had invested almost a year ago and till today still have not received a single cent despite my withdrawal. Lian He Wan Bao published on 19/6/2014 a lady followed friend to Nanning and gullibly invested. Since invested she pestered friend to join and later promoted to Director (Lau Chong ). She reported to the Lian He Wan Bao out of GULITY CONSCIENCE to let people know not to sink your hard earned money. Only mentioned the lady name as Mdm Chang and email address :


  58. 5 lives had been lost in Nanning scam........ sympathy to their family..... I applauded the lady who quitted this scam and condemned such scam as reported in Lian He Wan Bao 19th June 2014. Few days ago same newspapers reported a Malaysian lady mentioned she went to Nanning and only one day realised that this is illegal and a pyramid game. She scolded her most trusted friend why cheated her to visit Nanning and not an approved investment as prior to the trip saying investment go and see. ... It is illegal.... all those scam people want you to invest say legal..

  59. 1 investor find 2 then 4 then 8 = 15 investors

    15 investors x S$30,000 = S450,000-00 (In the pool)

    Every investor hopes to make 2 -3 times. Let's say S$90,000-00.

    So, in theory, the pool can pay 5 investors only, leaving 10 investors with nothing "ZERO" unless more investors are added downline.

    The promoters will pay out small amounts of S$3,000 to S$5,000 depending on the performance of the investors to sign new downline.

    Promoters can keep the investors on the "hooked" for 6 to 12 months by paying the investor in small bits with their own money.

    Each STRUCTURE / INVESTORS GROUP will take on the "LIFE" on its own depending on the performance of the group of investors, the better performing one is in the market longer while the non performing one shorter.

    It is exactly the friend who brought in 20 ppl and he will make a lots of money, while the other friend lost S$50,000.

    The key question is HOW THE 20 ppl and the subsequent downlines performed and what happened to their investment.

    Meanwhile, the PROMOTERS provide the infrastructure and COLLECT the investors monies.

    The investors after having paid the S$30,000-00 and have to WORK VERY HARD to persuade, sweet talk, and do anything to sign their friends up to part their S$30,000-00. What a life?

    I heard this investment scheme from a friend, listen to his proposal. Never been to Nanning and dont intend to.

    Warm Regards

  60. This money game is for those have spare money and don't mind loosing it. Must have bunch of rich friends/relatives too that easy to convince to join this scheme the more ppl join the more money you earn and your upline earn too. I was cheated by a friend to Nanning 6 days for holiday foods and accommodation on him but ended up listen to this scam! Everyday I go from apartment to apartment to be brain washed by the scam expert wasted my air fares and time for 6 days there!

    Summary : You join and give money then every month bring new ppl there to join. Even you can't bring anyone they still encourage you to fly there to be trained how to convinced ppl to go there. All foods & accommodation pay by you when you bring potential investor there. They give you 3 months time frame if none of new member join your money is gone.

  61. You should not say you were lured after all you got free food and accomodation. Just treat it as a study tour cum holiday.

    In my view, if you able to take the risk and still energetic, no harm in trying it. But it does sound very risky though with many question unanswered.

  62. my retired parents were invited by a friend to nanning few months back and are so convinced that this investment will work and they are planning to go nanning again next month. i am very worried for my parents as we are not well to do at all and i dont wish them to lose all their savings on this investment, be it a scam or not. I only know that they will not earn anything if they do not find any downline. I hope someone can give a very objective comment on this nanning investment

    1. To answer your question , you really need to visit Nanning and understand the whole situation over there . Certain things is difficult to explain in our conservative Society ...

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. I just came back from Naning few days ago and i have seen their presentation. A lot of unreasonable answer and suspicious ways of doing thing but their presentation skill is very convincing.

    This investment lies in a grey area between right and wrong. I am devastated that my loves one is involved. You need to have the same mindset like them to success.

    I would suggest you to convince your parents not to join them. It is not easy flying there every month and looking for new people.

    Good luck!

    1. Yes . Agreed not to involved parents unless they fulfilled the 3 criteria . Spare Cash , Time and People which could make this investment successful.

  65. Been invited by a friend to guangxi
    all the things u guys share here are the actual way my friend presented it
    my friend also one of the speakers giving presentation there or so call brain wash
    very very tempting indeed
    Told me 2 kind of packages
    one is around rm 80 k plus and the other is rm160k plus plus depends on the exchange rate
    and also he say all the down line are carefully selected as they dun want it to be too high profile as once is too high profile the government will crackdown
    told me each person just need to find 2 downlines now they're running the 2nd card once u reach the 5th card its over so they are reinvesting what they earn into the local market etc opening pub clubs restaurants
    dunno if its really a scam coz this guy is really a long long time good friend and also he's doing very very well since he started doing this so call china business trip every month for the pass 3 years

  66. I am remitting money soon and will be going to Nanning on this coming Mid-July to sign a downline . What I understand based on my last trip in Jun was somehow there was the hidden support from Government as they cannot allow this scheme to operate openly .

  67. Ridiculous: Government will mot support such a scheme making money from your downline (your friends and relatives }, I have lost S$50,000 in this scam 14 months ago, because I dun have downline and DUN want my friends to lose money. I had been cheated by one of my close friends who promised I will get mu money back. 14 months elapses and no sign of my hard earned money.

  68. There's no free lunch in this world. If money is so easy to find, just put in 100k and bring in 2 'victims', sit down and shake legs, then sell all your assets and dump in the money. China itself has so many billionaires, why do they need you guys to pump in money there? if China wants funding they can get so many international banks in the world who are willing to join venture with the Chinese government. What's the name of this organisation, any registration number, details, transparency. Hidden support??? Does China being the biggest economic giant now, don't have enough money to fund their projects? Their Chinese people have been moving out of China and buying blocks of property all over the world. Why don't they invest in their own country then? Why the outflow of funds? If Malaysia wants to develop a huge mega project, do they ask us, rakyat to pump in money? They don't, they can join venture with other conglomerates, big companies, like YTL, IJM, etc. Think carefully, it all boils down to GREED. And bringing 2 sacrifical lambs there to be slaughtered is so evil..... Bad Karma. You'll get retribution. Think carefully, money is not easy to earn. Maybe you'll be able to get some dividends, some sweetener, but once you cannot bring in new blood, (not every one is willing to part with their hard earned 100K), then you'll need to bring in your family members, siblings, to save your own skin. It's a scam.... oh yes you see sooo many fellow Malaysians there telling their experience, why, because they're already in the same boat, if they don't put on a show, they won't get their money back, so they have to keep on going to make out the numbers, of course they won't tell you the truth. Be realistic! They take you to see their 'so called' projects, do you know that these projects are done by the Chinese Govt itself and not from your so called investment. Yes hidden support, somewhere along the line, there are 'people' who are in league with the scammers and they get a cut, obviously, so they look very convincing and nobody will tell these scammers who bring in unsuspecting victims to lay off their property, construction sites because already 'pakat'. Think over very carefully, please.

  69. Hey May I know whether you have personally visited Nanning before and make an effort to understand the whole situation over there ?

  70. Hi , I have invested and joined the business club and bought an apartment in Guangxi Fangchenggang .Anyone here interested to join my Singapore team and visit Nanning in October with me ??

  71. After reading all the above it seems like there is still no conclusion yet to date whether it is really a scam or otherwise...all who went there came back very convincing..while I'm not into such investment and do not have so much money to do so now I'm worried that my gf who went there last month have invested into it.

    As I'm worried I just do some background check...taiwan news is all over claming it is a scam but no real conclusion about i shared the news with her she got very angry with me..

    I'm in total blank now...if it is really true and she get rich I'm more than happy..if it is otherwise what should i say...

  72. Hi May I know whether your gf is a taiwanese or not ? Taiwanese and Hongkies are the earlier batches who invested in Nanning .

    1. Now they're bringing a lot of Malaysians from small towns going over there every month..Does it mean there are no more Taiwanese & hongkies invested over there now? What is the difference?

  73. They will tell you there were few newspapers published in Msia several times this is a scam group never go Nanning to invest but they said they actually very happy thanks to media published this news to prevent cowards flock there but if you still go mean you're real investor and deserve to be earn that much money! They encourage you to buy book pertaining how Guangxi development progress rapidly and enjoy your bus ride to make you more convince. They also show you SMS money keep credited into their account. Don't be surprise I was told some of them already bought new luxury car and new banglo in Msia.

    Guangxi state gov need money from MLM to develop their city what a joke just use your brain to think. Remember con artist always do their homework properly so prey 100% trap and victim always walk into cage by themselves when they greed. YES I WAS there last year.

  74. Dear all,

    I joined in 2013. Did not manage to get any recruits. It is a group...and they want you to fly there every 2 months even though you got no potential recruits.This is to support your team who bring recruits there. To act a big show that those who joined are smart and investor savvy and joined a lot of money but actually did not.
    whatever it is, depends on how long you can continue to treat people for meals and keep spending your air ticket there, pls do not join.

    Whoever said that can make a lot of money, I have joined and there are no money to be made. Pls use your money to travel if you want to dump to the sea

  75. If you couldn't get a recruit, i thought your upline will help you to find someone to replace you so that you can get back your money?

  76. 蠢人没药医(Stupid person no medicine to cure) just let them dump in the money after their money is gone only they feel happy, anyway it's not our money who cares if they love to donate to scam group let them be..............

  77. Yes . If you are unable to develop the business , the upline has the responsibilty to get a replacement who can develop in order to continue the business .

  78. NOT TRUE////?????. My upline never help me to get replacement nor refunded my hard earned money.

  79. Why should he/she find a replacement for you? Money once handle to them it's gone already distributed among all members don't be too naive that they will find someone and refund you!

  80. Why should upline need you when you cannot expand ? If you got stucked , the upline is unable to grow also . Why not find someone better to replace you .

  81. YES, can replace anyone who cannot grow. BUT they will not refund the money I invested. I waited for more than 11/2 years and never received any refundment.

  82. O dear, I bought ticket to visit Nanning in Nov (for 6 days). Told to get double visa entry - fren dont know how to explain well.
    Will get English speaking Advisors to explain ....
    So how, seems confusing - the yes, the nos, the dol.....

  83. i was invited tooo .... the person who invited me talked about one-room or 3-room apartment. One room is about RM100k and three-room is RM200K++ they are husband and wife team and said that no agent, no upline, I am buying the apartment direct from the developer ... yet so contradictory by saying that someone will be witness to my signing of signature ???? that someone who witness my signature name is Kevin ... anyone heard of him, Kevin ?????

  84. Hi , not sure who is Kevin . However I have bought a house there of course with a registered China agent that was recommended by my upline. I was issued with a certificate called " Wu Zhen " to certify you are the owner of the house .

  85. This is a scam.
    For those who have been involved, and lost money, you can take the following steps to recover your monies.

    First, realise that you have been defrauded. You have lost valuables because of someone else's false claims, whether explicit or implicit. This is different from how they may present the situation being you making a free choice, as you have made a bad decision previously, based on a false premise.

    One false premise is that the "business" can make money. At one level, they are right, you need to work to make money. However, in a court of law, the system when it is described and shown to be merely transfers of monies from new members to old members, will demonstrate that as a whole, ALL members DO NOT make money. This is a sufficient proof that the system is based on fraud, and that any party who brings you in, who spoke to you and was part of convincing you to take part in this scam, can be identified as a potentially liable party.

    Since the bulk of the members move in and out of Nanning, and are not ordinarily resident in Nanning, it is easy for those who are defrauded to take action against the introducer in their country of origin. Jurisdiction should be granted for the bank transfer of funds out of the country.

    Even non-members can take action against members who convince them to visit Nanning. If the premise of the invitation is to join a scheme which is demonstrably false, and the non-member has suffered loss - in time, in flight expense, in reputational loss, etc, the inviter/host can be taken to task to make full restitution.

    For non-members thinking of becoming members, do realise that this is a significant business risk - all your future members can and will turn against you when they do not make money. The system results in at least 80-95% of new members not making money, so the potential liability of being involved and promoting this "supposedly government-supported scheme" is incredible at a private level.

  86. I had just returned from Nanning trip very recently and am now at a loss whether to join this so-called "investment scheme" which promises "extraordinarily good returns" which seems to be "too good to be true".

    Can some experts out there shed some lights on such business venture? Pros and cons, etc......

    Any comment is welcome!

  87. without adding any emotional or moral bias. here is what you need to consider before joining this:

    1. straight up this is a money game.
    2. you can possibly make money from it ONLY IF you can get people to join and multiply. else you are stuck.
    3. all the fancy gray area talk is just that. its just to make you feel good about the scheme and what you are doing there.
    4. time commitment involved: every month you gotta fly there for a week or so. and arrange n prepare appointments for your "recruit" or volunteer to "offer advice" to other peoples recruits
    5. operating cost: monthly trips can add up. n also upon reaching a higher level. you are required to be there every month to work this also, plus renting a place for your downlines etc.

    this is what it is.

    does the china govt benefit?
    it does in terms of you spending money there, banks also benefit. but is this really for that reason? you think about it yourself.

    what is the rate of success of people doing this? subjective. depends who u ask.

    is it worth joining? only if you are sure you can get people to join you in this. n hopefully they get people fast enough for you to get the big money fast. else u are stuck.

    its not a business, its not an investment, its just money game. plain and simple. a game that is played all the way in Nanning china.

  88. Very well said, Anonymous. There's no free lunch in this world. Money does not come easy, you'll have to work for it.

  89. How Long can you work ?

  90. so I have read all the comments here and would like to know the least amount that you need to invest in Nanning scheme? is it RM80000, or RM30000? I am not that well off but I hope to try out this scheme since working and saving in Malaysia is really worthless.Thank you.

  91. I went to nanning last month with a girlfirend who has been in the program since the beginning of 2015. .My purpose of visit was purely leisure. She asked if I was keen to see what shes doing there, so i was presented the whole 'investment' mechanism in the 7 days there. She had gotten her capital back in 4 months & having a comfortable income every month now. My thoughts on this is that, i feel it is a genuine 'investment/ money business', it is really a personal choice to participate or not. After all, a bank in any country is also a money business, using ppl's money to earn money. After visiting qing xiu shan with a tour guide explaining in details on the program. There are lotsa hidden messages built in this tourist spot explaining & detailing the program. I feel it Definitely has the support from the gov't on this plan. Otherwise, it can't be done this way.
    It is very difficult to persuade ppl there is such plan offering such high return. The person need to visit the city to see & decide for themselves. I had met many malaysians doing well with this scheme during my stay. Some say it is 'brain washing' session but i see it as merely sharing info session as they don't earn anything even if i join. Never was i being pushed or pressured to join. I still haven't acitivate my account as i need approval from my families to go ahead. Im bringing my parents to see if its workable & to see if it really is a scam in 2 wks time.Hub strongly objects & just like everyone who has not been to the city feels it is a scam. My personal feeling is, it is not a scam, it is workable on a hush hush way becos of many reasons. It is in a grey area. It is not illegal becos the govt support in this is very obvious. It is not openly claim to be legal becos it has some similarities of a mlm scheme. You have to work at it.. Meaning bringing people over, abit like tour guide. If they like the place & confident on d growth of the city, they will mostly join the program. I think it would be difficult if your circle of friends are limited though. I reckon, A person with high credibility will work well in this program. Then again, you only need to bring in 2. 2 keen ones.
    If my family still thinks it is not viable, i will leave it as that.
    My hub laughed at me for being naiive. I wouldn't even buy any china product here & now i m thinking of investing such big amount! I find it funny myself too!! It definitely is an eye opener trip for me, seeing how well planned & how fast the china gov't build a city. Maybe that is the reason why there are many cash rich Chinese?! & maybe this is the fastest way to foreign investors to pump in funds?!

  92. Yes you should bring your parents there and you 3 person could join at the same time since your gf already earned money and you're pretty sure it's not a scam. Don't listen what others said if you think it's worth and can get lucrative income just invest.

  93. My parents are too old to join.�� I just want to show them the whole plan & get d ok from them for me to go ahead�� Anyhow, it is an eye opener to visit this city & see how far it has come within such short time. A nice place for vaca for them.

  94. Amazing place, no doubt. Seeing is believing.

  95. kindly ready on the link below

  96. I believe everyone know this is a scam, but that doesn't mean this business cannot grow. In theory, this is a workable business, provided you can grow your downline.

    Invest in RMB 69,800 and get back 100 times profit. There is no such easy investment. You will really need to get people to invest into so call business.

    Put it this way 80% of people will not dare to invest, only the 20% dare. That why 80% of the whole population belong to the middle class.

    To join this business, you need the guts to minimally invest and also confidence that you can grow your downline.

    If you expect your downline to grow by itself, then i would suggest you, please do not invest.

    The only true question i have is, is it really legal in nanning? All the "business owner" claim that it is legal. How true is it ?

  97. Why is it stupid ? Have you visited the place before ?

  98. After reading this, I decided to quit my job, sell my properties and put all my money in this 'investment'. Pray for me that I get 100 times back, otherwise I will jump from the tallest building in Nanning...

    1. Today is 6 Nov 2017, have you jumped ?

  99. Everything we hear, is our own opinion not a fact,
    Everything we see is our own perspective, not the truth.

  100. To, Anonymous February 4, 2016
    You're going the correct path, when you work you're benefiting your employer if you quit job and join this investment meant you're the boss. You can earn far more than your current salary if you're hard working and willing to learn.

  101. Work hard as in 20hrs a day on manufacturing/selling goods ? or work hard as in 20hrs a day recruiting people so that I can make money from their investment ?

  102. It's useless if you keep asking questions here, yourself need to go Nanning, over there they'll answer all your inquiries, guide you how to invest and earn money.

  103. This comment has been removed by the author.

  104. I went there and came back yesterday.

    The system is real, it is not pyramid. It half way Pyramid with out path just like an 'n'. In and make a U turn out once you earn the maximum profit. You in to make money and once you earn to the targeted Goal amount which is RMB7.8 million, you are out from the first card. There are total of 5 cards to be earned if you join 108 shares which is RMB 244,000 ++.

    It is not a scam but for sure it is another way of money game as there is no product, no company, no property investment and physical product to be seen. No paper, do document, no contract, no agreement. Just trust those who brought you in.

    There are many who has made millions. Till now, there are more than 10,000 Malaysia Chinese in this game and only Chinese is allow.

    For those who are dare enough to take the risk. It is something for those big heart and daring businessman who does not study by the book. Just take risk.

    Once you in, you need to find 2 person to join after you.
    And the same method goes to the 2 person below you.

    All money paid by the new comers will be shared up to 3 levels above you. The balance of the account would be '0' on every 15th of the month. All new recruit money must be shared out by that day.

    So, you earn from the person you bring in and so other words, you earn your friend's or relative's money and so on...

    If you can't find other people to join you and want to quit, your up-line promise you that they will find a new recruit and the money from the new recruit will be paid back to you as your initial investment money.

    If everything and every step or level goes well, you really can make millions.

    The RISK
    You need to find 2 person, and the new 2 person need to find 2 person and so on. You need to have at least 6 below you in order to earn back all your investment money.

    If you want to quit after failing to find your new recruit, your up-line is your guarantor and will find a new recruit and with the new recruit investment money, they will pay you back. I am not sure how true is this.....

    If you fail to find a new replacement to pay back your down-line who want to quit, then your name and reputation will be in jeopardy.

    Anyway, I would not dare to say this concept comes from the Government. It is just a system that allow people to make more money and spend in the city to boost the local economy.

    But you need to prepare yourself for the risk. If you think you can find recruit easily, then for sure you can make millions in very short period of time. If you think you can't, better don't join at the first place. The investment money is not small, it is RMB244,000 which is RM150,000 per person. Not everybody has this amount of money. If you want to borrow from people, better don't.

    If you have extra money or most of your friends have this extra money for investment, then you can take the risk.

    As for my point of view, it is really a good system to make fast money in short term.

    Just prepare for the risk and prepare for being condemn if you fail to recover back for your new recruit that want to quit. Our name is more valuable then the money.

  105. I don't understand nowadays still got such fools fall in this investment. NO company registration, when you give money to them NO receipt nor any documentation given to you so do you think you can sue them if you can't get back your money?

  106. Just returned. was told to transfer the money by 31st March. No doubts I have many reservations and had read all the comments above. felt sorry for those who had lost so much money.

  107. Cannot understand the mechanics / figure. 1) it need to recruit 6 members before you get back your investment monies? 2) How to make the RMB7.8M? 3) Does anybody has the statistics / formula?

  108. If it is an investment scheme, why do you need 2xdownlines?? from what i gather, they are taking the downline money to pay the uplines. it is a pure money game and will collapse once there are no new downlines...

    always ask this question," How is the returns generated?" ... those who are sucked in, desperately need downlines to join so as to recover their initial "investment"...

    if you put your money in the "bank", even if you dont do anything, by right you can earn interest or worst case get back your principal.. i read some post that someone still cant get his money back after 1.5 years... WAKE UP !!!!!!

  109. Actually I have booked to visit this place. After reading ALL the above, I shall be more alert and aware; trusting I am able to make a decision ...
    Thanks for all above write-ups!

  110. Ive been there.
    Ive seen it.
    Im involved with a simple and clear direction. To earn without harming.

    I believed those that commented negative thoughts are either;
    1) still believe in traditional business method where products are involved which i suppose it will obsolete/outdated
    2) no money hence giving negative thoughts
    3) does not understand a single thing, give me a break, 3 days and expect to understand the entire economy? wow!
    4) short-sighted in economic growth
    5) easily influenced with others'opinion (indirectly saying you are a follower instead of a leader)

    In fact, the more you listen to negative remarks, you will confuse yourself even more. Perhaps should read more on how a successful person's mindset is.

    We are adults that are able to judge, not a pig-brain that only listen to others that have not been there or fully understand the entire direction of China or to be exact, Nanning.

    Investment can be defined in many ways. You can invest in your own kids expecting him/her to grow up and be successful but can you guarantee that? The answer is HELL NO! You can invest in a traditional business and expect to gain profit but can you guarantee it will? HELL NO as well.

    So, investing in this Nanning platform, may or may not successful depending if you are able to fulfill the working criteria, and if you don't, of course do not expect any return but one thing for sure, CAPITAL GUARANTEED RETURN. It may sound too good to be true, but that's what happens.

    Every business takes time to grow, but with this the time frame has shorten, so it is subjective to each individual. If you are confident to fulfill the criteria, then go all out, otherwise do not be a keyboard-warrior by being MR/MS KNOWS IT ALL.

    You may choose to stay in Malaysia and do what you supposed to do on daily basis, and of course being a guinea pig to our Malaysian Govt, bit-by-bit digging from you. What is there to complain, when you are part of the people that thinks alike by just talking with no action instead spoiling it.

    If the media published Nanning is a good place to invest on the current scheme that you guys are talking about, what would happen to that place today? One thing for sure that will happen, expect RM's currency will drop tremendously as everyone will be pumping money into China. Job opportunities in Malaysia will decrease since every single person also want to earn big rather than being an employee.

    Last but not least, to those that is flying or checking this website out before flying, it is not about taking a risk flying there, but just to explore what is going around the world.

  111. I see it as a very good opportunity to earn enough to migrate to a country that welcomes us Chinese and not being suppressed. Think of our future generation.

  112. I have been to Nanning in April. Can the person who got back her money within 4 mths pl share the amount of RMB that was paid to her every week(?) or month, over the 4 months? How many new recruits her downline had to bring in - for both legs or one leg (since she has to recruit 2 pax) . Tnks

  113. Guys this is clearly a Ponzi scheme. There is no underlying business that you are investing in, the growth in the country is real but it is NOT related to your money. The returns you make are from scamming the person below you in the ladder. It is stealing from their pocket into yours, and NOT an investment at all. By joining, all you are doing is taking money from other people, and worse, making them scammers too.

    1. You are getting scammed by your insurance companies and banks too. Insurance, there's no actual product too. Just paper that you signed that guarantee you will get paid when the policy matured or when you are hospitalised.

  114. from starting already know this is money games. those people wanner dream just let them dream... i just sit back and watch....this nanning not going to be last long...

  115. Anonymous (June 3rd): Been there? it sounded quite easy for you to say scamming other person. Perhaps we would like to learn a way or two from you how to scam / stealing a person's money. We would be glad to hear that =)

    Anonymous (June 8th): in fact we are living in a money game world. it is just a matter how you define "money game" in your dictionary. There is no right or wrong. Peace!

  116. i had read every comments above and i had gone Nanning myself.
    i observed 4 categories of people here.

    category 1 : never go Nanning and of course you never join : you are LUCKY, lucky because you were not tricked to go Nanning , maybe you not yet have friend who has joined, but 1 day someone will trick you unless you are not their target because you don't have the money they want.
    On contrary , category 3 people will say you don't have the luck

    category 2 : you went Nanning but never join, you could be WISE.
    you never join because you know majority people will lose their money because 1 need to bring in 6 people to break even, 7 go in 1 break even , it means only less than 15 % of people will break even and earn money, even the 6 you bring in can make money, the total number of people you need to bring in is 7 x 6, so it is still less than 15%, if you know how to play the plan, you still need at least 31 to allow 7 to break even , the percentage is about 22.5%, it means to say at anytime, there is always more than 75% of people not yet recover their money, and if 1 day for any reason, the scheme need to stop, we can expect at least 75% of people lose their money. and people who can exit the scheme earning 7.8 million rmb represents only less than 1 % based on the plan. it could be higher if you know how to maximize the plan but it is certainly minority, not as what they claim that majority are making money and successful. and you should be intelligent enough for not 100% accepting the answers they gave you about the phenomena , there are no true answers for it, as nobody knows the true answers including the person who gave you the answers, and some of the answers are clearly merely manipulating.
    On Contrary , category 3 people will say you are COWARDS or Fool who cannot understand the opportunity.

    Category 3 : You were tricked there , you joined and you make money, you are RIGHT. You are Right about the money making part for yourself or your friends, you know you can bring in 2 people in and they also can bring 2 people in, but you don't care or you don't know subsequently if majority people will be making lose, and you believe it is a good opportunity for you or your friends. On contrary, Category 2 people will say you are Irresponsible or Greedy. And you are just minority, not majority.

    Category 4 : You were tricked there, you joined and you not yet recover your money.
    You are Victims and you will be the majority when the scheme has to stop, currently most of you never see yourself as Victim as either you are still new or you still hope you can recover you money 1 day later, unless you have already decided to withdraw and your introducer could not help you to get a replacement for you.
    And you know what ?
    Category 1 people will see you as a Fool
    Category 2 people will see you as a Ignorance
    Categary 3 people will see you as a Passerby if they did nothing or could not do something to help you out.

    And you yourself will see yourself as ?

    At the moment, I am still in Category 2, either WISE or COWARDS

  117. How about " category 5 - the observer " ?

    I am one of the potential investor targeted by them. I have not been there but considering to go and have a look. Why should we pre-judge and close the heart before exploring the opportunity ? to invest or not, is another story to be decide by yourself later.

    There's a risk of everything u do in your life. No one can guarantee anything be it with black & white or not. You think you will not be con if with agreement ? Did you read each and every words of your insurance policy as thick as a bible ? You are signing it by trusting the either honest + professional or con + unprofessional or the agent herself/himself is blur enough but managed to close the case. You think you can sue the insurance company when you are half dead in the hospital with no money to pay medication anymore.

    Back to the topic, I have seen 2 real successful experiences so far :-

    1. She cleared all her debts , bought 3 houses and a luxury car. Started a new and better life with the investment she has done.

    2. He managed to earn good enough to send his children to an international school and oversea to study which pathing an alternative opportunity for the next generation.

    Have not personally met those unsuccessful yet but can read quite numbers of them in the comments.

    Well, we were being send to the same school , same class , same teacher but some become big bosses now , some become lawyer , some become engineer , some become clerk , some become skill worker to work under the hot sun.

    People introduced, you take it or not, how you make it successful or unsuccessful, is in your hand.
    Don't blame or curse others for your decision especially those saying " karma " coz u never know if your family or relative are investing silently.

    Decide what is fit for yourself. Only you know it.
    * Do you have sufficient & extra funds for it ?
    * Do you have sufficient time for it ?
    * Can you convince those around you to do the same ?
    * Can you accept the potential risks in the event you are not successful ?
    * If you failed, can you stand up and re-start something else ?

    Just my 2 cent opinions .. Speaking from someone who has been working in corporate world since 18 years old and decided to start a conventional business when 30 years old. The business still running and learning how to be more successful to have better future.

    Cheers ..

  118. category 5, yes , there is another category , category 5 , but to me, this category 5 is similar to category 1, you not yet go nanning and not yet join, the only different is you were told directly that you are going nanning, so you are not tricked to go there, and even before you go, you are almost convinced to put your money in because you see 2 successful example, but i want to point out as below :-,

    1. this 2 successful example is belonged to category 3, there are minority , not majority, at anytime, there will be always more than 75% of people not yet recover their capital , and there are potential victim belonging to category 4, pls refer my simple logic calculation from earlier post.

    2. you never see unsuccessful people does not mean they never exist, there are still either hoping to make money later or hope the upline will find a replacement for them, most of them dare not make noise otherwise their upline will not find the replacement for them, there is an interview about the victim mindset as below link

    3. your calculation about the risk is the right thing to do especially for this money game , the money you put in must be the money you prepare not to take it back if anything happens

    4. after you go nanning, then you will be no more category 5 or category 1, you will be either category 2, 3 or 4. if you are category 3, congratulation to you, but it means good luck to more minority and back luck to more majority, as the longer the game is going on, you will see more minority successful people, but then it means also a lot lot more majority potential victims.

    simply because your success is built on the money that bring in by people who join later, it is merely the game to relocate the wealth with the money game rules.

    if you are a gambler , and if you dont care who will suffer later, of course you can go ahead .....

  119. Just curious, is the July 6th shooting of the mother of 5 that happened in OUG during raya anyhow related to this nanning thingy? (hubby kept denying anything to do with nanning, just see if anyone has second thoughts)

    On a side note, I followed a friend to Nanning back in early 2014 to see for myself, friend took the bait, I continued with my daily 9-5 job as I dont have 30k cash to donate to someone who might make me richer in 2 years time.

    Its being 2 years, friend has being returning to Nanning every 2 weeks and still driving the same old car and staying in the same old place but not sure about his bank account as I didnt ask much. But he seemed happy and very alive compared to before he joined the program.

    I did ask him whats gonna happen if the china government decided to put a stop in all this once a for all? He just gave me a smirk and say 'that aint gonna happen yet'. hmmmmmmm

    1. October 2017 now, how is your friend doing?

  120. It's pretty easy.
    You don't believe, don't go.
    If you slightly curious, go investigate.
    If you believe, then no brainer.

    One thing for sure though, you need cash..Just like any business you intend to venture into.
    Good luck and stay humble.

    In Malaysia, we already been scammed by our PM...what else to lose anyway..haha

  121. good logic, since we have been scammed by our PM, we should be scammed more as nothing more to lose and we should scam others also , since they have already been scammed by our PM, better we scam them also, they have nothing more to lose....this is a typical mindset of people who can earn lots of money in money game, if you dont have this mindset then better keep away from it....

  122. because you are going to lose your money as you cannot scam many people

  123. Probably our PM also has the same Logic, since we Malaysians like so much to be scammed by Money Game, better I scam all you first, majority of you are going to lose your money either way, What Else You Can Lose , so do not blame me.....

  124. hi all.
    may some kind soul out there help me. i joined this scheme around 1 yr ago. however despite bringing a few friends there, none joined as they feel the investment amt is too high and some feel that this is a scam. eventually, a yr later. there's no 1 under my line and my uplines are unable to help too. they are a bunch of selfish bastards. i wanted to withdraw from this scheme recently as i had took up a few personal loans and these loans have been crashing me for a year.

    i had requested countless times that i wanted to withdraw but they are always finding excuse. my friend who brought me in also requested our uplines many times to help me withdrawal.

    it seems that these bloodsuckers do not have the intention to return me my initial investment amount (SGD 30,000) Im a singaporean. please advise how can i get back my money. can i approach the police or some organisation to help?

    feeling very helpless.

    1. I tink there is nothing u can do . it is outside singapore ur police cannot do anything abt it.
      Secondly unless china authority are willing to step in but i dun think they would care cause u are not local. Only way is to make urself grow in that line since u already join. Investing there is for sure some risk in it. Y not try to make urself grow in it since already in the game

  125. Just take picture of it on FB...No other choice...

  126. Think that is a wise move, posting on FB.

  127. hi both,
    thanks for replying.
    so u mean post on FB and let my friends share their identities?
    but this is out of SG's jurisdiction. police is unable to do anything. am i right?

  128. Your money is burn you can't do anything because it's in China except posting in fb and forum advising others not to fell in this ponzi scheme. Maybe you can gather more victims together complain to the foreign affair department see whether they can help or not.

  129. Well. I am in Nanning now.

    I attended the talk with two other groups.

    My initial observations are there this is an excellent tool the syndicate can use for money laundering or funding il/legal activities.

    You cant tell as there are no trails of where the money comes from or go to.

    I did not sign up as I do not think this is entirely "clean" money. The 2 others in my group did.

  130. For People who remain in the Deep Shit Condition , they are in it because They Don't Know What They Dont't Know (Ignorance), for Average People who remain as Average it is because of Fear and Laziness, and for Average People to have become Deep Shit again, it is because of Greedy and Laziness, they want a better life but they choose not to work on it and they tend to fall for Money Games , and most of them will make themselve believe that this is not Money Game and some will take it as a Gamble, and hence they make themselve Ignorance again and go back to Deep Shit Category...for you to go back to Average, you need to acknowledge your ignorance , take it as the lesson and tuition fee, forget about how to take back your money, go back to normal life, and for your to become succesful, overcome your fear and laziness, choose a legal business platform , and you need good knowledge to choose a right one for yourself, work on it for 3 to 5 years, and you will be becoming top 10% succesful people, i want to teach you how to choose a right one, but i cant do it here...just be open minded and don't let your greedy make you being ignorance again, sometime someday someone may show you way..

  131. Wondering this scam still active in Nanning?

    1. Is still there till now

  132. Great post you shared, you have now become top of my list. You were unknown to me before but have found your content to be fantastic.

    So great work for informing us of the possibilities and following a certain path.

    I really appreciate your hard work an giving us some information and inspiring others to follow.

    Thanks so much.

    I hope for more post in the future.

    Success Accounting

  133. Just visited nanning earlier this month and this scheme still active. The same old tricks mentioned above. Now the have targeted others asian country such as indo and thai chinesse.

  134. Hello all...

    Recently, i was approached by my ex colleague (whom was that that close type) about this 'opportunity'. She brought along another 'friend' without informing me and that guy did all the talking during the meet up. She said she is not good in explaining this opportunity… so… I just accepted her explaination.

    Out of the meet up, i gathered the following which is quite similar to what other have shared:-
    - it's a huge project with lots of opportunities
    - all the business are run in ‘new’ business model, not the traditional business model anymore
    - it's a project supported by both local and CN government, discretely
    - it's not to be made known to many people so that it's 'overcrowded' thus causing people to earn less
    - there are some ‘books’ you can purchased so that you can study the field you like to invest in
    - you will need to be there for about 7 days for the ‘site visit’

    When i asked them how much is the minimum investment, he said it's up to me.

    When i asked how much is the rate of return, they guy said i 100% will not lose money.

    When i asked how to take out the money from mainland China as the CN government tightly control the outflow of cash from the country, he said it wont be a problem at all.

    When I asked what’s the business model, he said there are a lot of businesses to do, so I can go down personally to pick and choose what I feel comfy with.

    Whatever question i asked, the guy will brushed me off with very general answer. There seems to be a lot of suspicious point but i will never get any answer from them. Instead, they kept asking me to make a trip to nanning asap, dont miss the opportunity!

    They even said i am lucky to meet them because this opportunity is not available everywhere, it's through 'connection' only. The guy said he is in this scheme for 1 year and 8 months, and he is introducing it to his wife, daughter and son as he also wants them to make quick money. He convinced his daughter and son that they will be able to pay off their $500k-$750k hdb loan in 2-3 years time!

    According to both of them, everything is so perfect in nanning, even the air is fresher there compared to SG! (hahaha....)

    The whole nanning investment sounds so fishy. When I did more research about it, I read about 5 johorian who went to nanning for this scheme got killed due to gas leak. The local paper relate it to nanning scheme.

    Come to think of it... everything they told me sounds so perfect and good. But, when it sounds too good to be true, I will think it is. Personally, I am not a risk taker and will not invest in things which ‘cannot be explained’ by words. There is no such thing that cannot be explained, unless it’s something that you yourself cannot understand. However, I know there are many who are high risk takers and do not mind to go in and make quick money. I also read a few who are doing well with their investments thus it might not be ‘no-go’ at all…..

    Anyway, it’s a no- go for me. Whatever decision you made in this nanning investment scheme, I wish you best of lucks!!


  135. Beware of this Taiwanese Mi** Tu** & his biz partner Sg-Aussie fellow Ed*** L**& the gang using the 一带一路 pre-text as the undercovered scam for the so called 烂 biz model (hybrid of Ponzi + Pyramid + MLM) to lure/smoke you to 南宁 through Guangzhou!
    Try asking for the biz venue and asked them to show you the real money (not just plain smoking - anyone can say how rich they are till you c them splurge and used their notes to throw it at your face - lol) & c what kinda of lame excuse they will cook up !

    Other than real legitimate biz with something tangible or intangible to sell,
    Things to take note
    However before you do anything just be aware of some of these things:

    Don’t get involved in the property or real estate sector. Why? This is because foreigners are not allowed to own landed properties in China the first place. Secondly for the strata properties (high rise office, condo etc), foreigners are not allowed take a bank loan to buy the property. What this means is that you have to pay for it in full in CASH! If you are cash rich and can afford to fully pay for the unit, then good. You can make a lot of money later on when you sell if you buy those properties at the right location.
    Other than that, you have to be careful and must undertake due diligence when dealing with real estate. Personally I do not want to be involved in any program that “shares” the properties with other people. Again, that’s my preference. All I am saying here is to practice caution and make sure you do a thorough research and due diligence before you make any decision with regards to real estate.
    Don’t get involved with programs related to the “World’s Future Richest Man” or the Surewin4u Group or anything that has a “get rich” in its name.
    Forget about any scheme that tells you that you can just put in your money and you don’t need to do anything and you will have huge returns. This is automatically a red flag. The only scheme that I know whereby I put in money, don’t have to do anything; wait and I will get returns is the fixed deposit in the banks in Malaysia. However the returns are not even enough to cover inflation!
    Check thoroughly what type program you will be involved in. There will always be scams whenever there is money involved. In everything that is good, there will always be counterfeits. Just name, handbags, clothing, shoes etc. Even the good old money is counterfeited. It doesn't mean that if there are counterfeit money, you will totally not accept the money, right? You just be extra careful.
    Always use your common sense. If anything that is too good to be true, then it too good to be true. To put it more crudely, no gold bars will drop down from heaven for you. Success usually comes with hard and smart work.

  136. eToro is the #1 forex broker for newbie and full-time traders.

  137. anyone joined and already recovered your capital?

  138. After you joined, you can recovered partly of your capital if you can recruit new downline to invest, then they must bring in more ppl and so on else your income halt. If your donwline super active you could recovered full of your capital and you can start earn lucrative income. Ya they'll tell you the money you invest is help to develop the town by erecting houses/apartments/amenities after property sold you'll get back your money + interest bla bla bla all the crap.

  139. I have personally gone to Nanning and heard the presentations and I know quite a number of people who have achieved success in this investment venture. With the money earned, they have invested in Nanning - properties, restaurant business, etc. In fact most of them parked their money in Nanning and the Chinese government would be very happy that the overseas Chinese have brought in money and invested in China. So there is some legality in this. In any investment and business venture there are some risk involved. Even for simplicity, in a hawker business you still have to put some money to get it set up. And to get it running you need some skills and real hard work. And if your business fails, you lose all your capital amount. Who to blame - Yourself! For this investment venture, you only need to recruit 2 people. Not too difficult for those who have a wide circle of friends and are able to do networking. But it would be difficult for those who prefer to sit around and wait for people to come to them. In that case, they are not doing their job to justify what they are supposed to do. Then they shouldn't get paid ie all! There's no free lunch in this world whether in working life or in a business venture. All you need is sheer hard work ie all! So don't complain if you haven't done your part in the agreement. In all their presentations, I don't think they ever forced you to join. If you have decided to join, they would highlight to the potential investors once again that it is their willingness to join and not being forced into it. After paying a small deposit, and within a certain time frame, should they decide not to participate, they can withdraw.

    So it is best for those who are interested - just go to Nanning and see for yourself and let if be a holiday trip as well

  140. 01.They mention after joining (S$30K 05 $50K) you can withdraw - are you sure ? TKK
    02.After investing $30K or $50K you must know when you the break even and profit. Some may takes 6months & others may takes years, it all depend on how fast your VIP join and also their VIP join.
    Note : Better think carefully before you join. Make sure you are a networker otherwise ......

  141. I agree that ppl can recover capital and earn from this scheme. But if the unconventional business model is such that u earn from ur downlines money and with time and effort and more downlines u transfer 5he risk of losing money to ur downlines (Cos they now must recruit more downlines) then it is a ponzi scheme. Even a MLM offers products, albeit at higher rates cos need the margin to cover all the uplines profit. So if u earn $$ fr other's trust without giving a tangible benefit I dun think it is ethical even if profitable

  142. Nanning Investment is illegal according to the police in China.

  143. Nanning Investment is illegal & Ponzi

  144. Hi - I have attended the NN session recently and I am considering buying property in Fang cheng Gan. Is there anyone here who has already owned a property in NN ? Appreciate if you can share your experience ? what are the rules and regulations for foreigner to buy property in NN ? I know all investment carry risks. Is this "safer" as compared to the pyramid program ? Thank you

  145. I have friends who have brought properties in FCK.

  146. Hi - did your friend also invest in the program or they just bought properties only ? do you know what are rules and regulations for foreigner to buy property in NN ? Thank you

  147. We are able to fully own the properties over there.

    Yes, in the program. You can go and have a look. Nothing to lose.

    At the end of the day it's your own choice.

    Hope I answer your queries.

  148. Is it unethical or scam?
    Think about the insurance that you paid. You sign some papers that guarantee a return of 3.25 to 4.25% after 15 years maturity,payment via lump sum or monthly, for the first few years into the policy, you cannot surrender your policy or you make 100% losses. What's the difference between investing in this platform or a derivative?

    Is it legal?
    Money coming in and out of the banks, the big 4 banks in China, do you think the banks and government don't realise the huge in and outflow of the money? Are they stupid?

    Why so many negative news?
    Because the platform would rather have people that gets it, has guts, has a business mind than one, myopic naysayers. People get jealous, some complained because they can't get on the platform, they lost that opportunity, and became red-eyed. Bear in mind, everyone only have 2 slots. I know of people who wanted to get onto the platform but was rejected.

    Seeing is believing. I know it sounds too good to be true.

    I was there to bring someone important home because I thought this is a scam but I was convinced too. Happy and no regrets.

  149. Ya true.

    Initially I thot it was a scam too but after been there over a year I truly understand its not.

    For people who haven been there its your choice.

    BTW the previous guy who commented haha you sound like a frd I know man. Haha

  150. I was a very skeptical person as i had lots hundreds of thousands into other investments including units trust, stocks, forex and other companies investments before the age of 30. I also have been in the nanning program for years and witnessed the growth of the city. I was very very skeptical initially about the program for at least 1 year until i have met tons of people in the city who are taiwanese, china chinese, hong konger, malaysian, indonesian until i have seen ho it really works.

    A few pointers that i would was on my mind until now :

    1) Why all our commissions and payments are through these banks (ICBC,ABC,BOC,CCB)? These are top 4 banks in the world and not just small banks, they definitely have their stringent anti-money laundering systems in place to catch fixed patterns transactions but why for all these years people get caught investing in the program in cash and people dont get caught when they invest via banks?

    2) We as a foreigner and as a tourist that opens china bank account without any work permit, businesses there and suddenly after 1 year your bank has accumulated hundreds of thousands of RMB with no questions asked? Try that in other countries and i guarantee you will be investigated.

    3) Every investment and business have risk, it depends on what you want and how you manage it. The key to success depends on you and not just the economy or the people around you. We have seen millionaires created during crisis and seen people fell during crisis and why is that so? If you cant even take risk then you cant be successful at all because your money will not catchup with inflation at all.

    4) Nanning is the Capital of Asean, Key Pillar of One Road n Belt initiative and also Global fortune 500 Headquarters. why are people doing this program when the government puts so much emphasize over there? Shouldn't they go to some rural areas of china where they are less dangerous to operate such schemes?

    5) This is a business and not an investment, you will not grow your funds if you do nothing. Same like any other businesses. To a certain extend i dont think it's a ponzi scheme as ponzi scheme will reach a certain threshold where companies might overpay and what happens then? Zhao lor...That's what happened to me on geneva gold and that's ponzi.

    6) What can your funds of 30k 50k sing dollars do in singapore? Open hawker centre? What's the market size here compared to china? How is the economy here compared to nanning? Think ahead 10 years later where should be your golden opportunity.

    7) the program is just a gateway to know more network, earn money from there and ultimately the govn wants people to setup businesses and invest in properties there. In this way then the economy will grow. P.S I am a economist with financial background

    I am not trying to prove anything or convince anyone of you at all but this is the truth and facts that i have seen over the years. In my very opinion, i see china nanning as the future potential place for businesses and properties compared to other Indo-China places. I hope Singaporeans could be more enterprising and open minded towards businesses and new business model. Automation and the World of Internet will kill lots of jobs over the next few years as we move to smart nation. I dont hope to see Singapore to become the next Japan where the citizens are facing stress to keep up with standards of living.


  151. I saw many comments about this business.

    What I can said is these:

    Those who think is a scams, ponzi, money game or MLM. Go prove it, fly down and gather all the info then report to the local police about this platform. Your face will be on the front page of the newspaper for being a hero by cracking down a illegally business and also save many people falling into this trap.


    Those think this business can let u earn the amount of money or freedom that u ever dream of. Fly down and explore how you going to reality your dreams by doing this business.

  152. Just returned from there. I am amazed.

    It is a self governing system, which is enforced by everyone's self interest to make money in the chain. Unlike investment, it is a business which require monthly commitment to fly there and conduct networking session.

    I believed it is backed by the govt because they use this system and zero cost; to spur up the economy, fill their banks with oversea funds, create business & employment, zero marketing cost or build tourist infrastructure to ensure monthly influx of millionaire consumers. So many transactions with the exact same amount, like a binary system, transferred within 4 main China Banks on a single day and neither the govt nor the banks did anything.

    It basically explained 邓小平's 先富论:让一部分人先富起来,逐步实现共同富. It also explained why China have many 土豪 with unexplained wealth.

    This system also have a self-filtering system to deter non-business mind. It only attract open minded people, people with guts to fly over despite many bad review, people who do not mind wasting 5 days of their time to expose themselves with opportunity, and the fixed 5 days per month schedule also filter out working class and attract business owner with flexi time. These auto selection has ensured those who have been knock out of the chain will do business with their first pot of gold.

    Last time they did it on Chinese somewhere else, this time they do it on Asean chinese. So, go see for yourself, don't just read or be keyboard warrior. Without cash, nobody can force you to join and actually nobody will.


  153. I was there and there was no brain washing. They explained the process and procedures to you and the rest is up to you. Serious money can be made. You have to go and take a look for yourself. Its not an investment. It's self governing and there are lots of members. Yes, you need to work , money will not grow on trees. Its very much up to you.

  154. Why need downline if it is called an investment ?
    Why can't those interested just invest in property etc...
    Who pay for the 5 - 7 days lodging/food etc..

  155. Hello, thanks for all the contributions, I find the information very useful. I have one question ... when the participants make money from the program, are their earnings subject to China income tax? If yes, what's the income tax rate? Hope someone can help, thanks in advance.