Friday, September 5, 2014

Don't simply follow what you see on the internet!

Life is yours, live in your life. Choice is yours, make your own decision. I just can't believe how many people out there finding difficult making their own life decision, given that so many articles they read online.

Come on people, when you read some articles, you don't have to follow what it says.
More than 1million has read this!

Must read! Successful stories of Bill Gates!

Everyone is following this to get rich!
Read and share!

Please, netizens. Facebook is a famous networking platform, and it is this platform that people can share any info, accurate or misleading, right or wrong, proven or not proven, to you. You, maybe a victim, or you maybe the one who stop this.

Unfortunately, networking does not work that way. You can stop unless you make the same title like this:

Wrong info! You should stop sharing this article!

Yes, social network is full of exclamation mark. Everyone is shouting to others, just want their voice to be heard, publicly. The more the merrier.

Come on, stay in your life. We are not supposed to read and follow. We should read, analyse, judge, understand, and refer if it is good. Purely follow does not make any sense. You are not living your life, you are living what others want you to be in their lives.

You must be rich?
Many articles are telling you how to be successful, and how you can follow that article to achieve. What? Just that article can make you successful? Tell me, what do you mean by successful? Being rich? Owning big company? Being best employee? Getting most awards?

"Successful" is a general term
Are you sure you want to be successful? Let's take a step back, what do you really want? What is successful for you?

Whatever it is, being rich is not a necessary for 'being successful'. But, if you define it that way, you may learn to be rich.

But, so many people are not really looking into that direction. They are misled, by so many messages spreading online, by so many people sharing the same information of getting rich.

I'm not saying getting rich is not a bad thing. I want to be rich as well. But, I got my way, not to follow the way those articles telling me.

Following? No way, that's not my style. I have my own way.

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