Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Everyone has 24 hours a day, but I don't feel enough!

ALERT: Time is constraint! Speed needed!

Feeling time constraint. Already cutting my sleeping time down to 6 hours half, and wake up early even in the weekend.

24 hours per day is really not enough for me. Probably, it's not about amount of time I should enquire, but amount of skill and knowledge, as well as productivity I should increase.

Obtaining skill needs time, increase productivity needs to be skillful. I need more time to learn more skills.

But, now I got some skill. Time to implement it. But wait! There are so many available tools out there! I have to use them, I need to source as much as possible, to fit into my product.

To be innovative is not easy. I have to be competitive, in term of speed, cost, man power, time to market, and expandability. Long term thinking is required, not just fitting in whatever I got, and let it run.

I should be fast. Time to start. Let's go!

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