Monday, September 15, 2014

Oh Wait! I don't have to be like Bill Gates

Everyone knows Bill Gates (Microsoft founder), or Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder), or Steve Jobs (Apple founder), or Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google founders).

When we are talking about entrepreneurship, those famous name are always being discussed and taken as examples. Many case studies are trying to analyze how these founders make it to be the best companies, and famously known world wire. We always try to bring this big images to front of us, let us understand how this giants are getting so successful.

Those stories are really really inspiring. But, when I think deeper about those stories, I found that, they might not be true. Who can prove them to me?

No clue is telling me the inspiring stories are facts and accurate.

Oh yes. Those stories are written, shared, widespread over the internet. But, no clue showing they are really true. Like, "Bill Gates was spending some times being a cleaner at IBM before he got big project from IBM which made him created Microsoft."

However, judging the accuracy is not really a point. Learning the quality of those big leaders are things to do. What if those stories are really not true, but just some motivational writer wrote it out to bring the morale to everyone? I do believe that, having those good qualities and attitudes are really the keys on the journey to succeed.

Not everyone has to be Bill Gates to be successful.

Being successful might not be necessary to be as great as Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg, or Steve Jobs. Being successful, is an achievement. They journey towards that achievement is fun, is passion. That passion is really needed to keep me move on, never give up.

Being successful is not being rich. Just enough for me to stay together with my beloved family.

I am still staying apart from my family, working overseas in a country where I am treated as foreigner. I want to go home. I want to stay together with my family. I was born there, I lived in that style for over 20 years, and I left to join the workforce and live in this totally different lifestyle. Thus, for me, being successful is to be able to spent my precious time with family, not being the top of richest guy, flying here and there giving talks and shows as a success stories teller.

I do understand, life is life. Obligation, loves, does not come free in this era. I can't farm for food anymore. I can't drink the water from the river for free. Everything is about money. Tuition loan, housing loan, are the loves I need to pay back.

I do really hope that, I could achieve what I want to achieve, with highest aim, in shortest time. I hope, it is just a blink of eyes. I start dreaming, and I won't stop dreaming. I am making my way to realize my dream.

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