Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thirsty Zombie

Staying in the cleanroom for couple of hours, the pity drought mouth and thirsty throat is calling my brain to get out of cleanroom and drink!

I am working in cleanroom for most of the time. Cleanroom is always maintained to certain ISO standard, classified by the particle counts and size.

Yes, particle, or dust particle. No dust is allowed in the cleanroom, because the products are scaled at micrometer range. No particle, no food, no drink.

Fully-wrapped body with jumpsuit, with gloves, boots, hair net, mask, leaving only the eyes to make eye contact~

Once I start doing the measurement in front of the measurement system, Agilent B1500A, I got to stay there for at least half an hour for one wafer. It's not automatic system, I have to be there manually probe the sample, using the Cascade system and SMU probes.

Probe the sample, start measurement, biasing the current to measure the potential difference. That's what I do to measure the Ohmic contact resistance. And, bias the voltage, and measure the channel and leakage current.

When thirst comes, sometimes I just stand with it. Imagine, entering and leaving the cleanroom is not just opening and closing the door. Taking on and off jumpsuit, suit up with all mask, hair net, gloves etc etc..Then, air shower room, before really enter the cleanroom. It's troublesome.

I would just, complete the measurement. And leave with no re-entering in the day. Call off the day, or back to office, to my comfy office chair. Sometimes, I just feel like a thirsty zombie.

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