Friday, September 5, 2014

Working life might be boring~

Has been joining the working life for more than one year since graduated from NTU. From an NTU student, changing to an NTU staff.

Life was once so exciting when I join the work force. Being an employee is no longer the same. My knowledge, skill, ability, contribution, discipline, and all other personal criteria will be the quality to be judged, by colleagues, by peers, and by supervisors.

Working life might sometimes be boring. In the production flows, most of the processes are fixed. We have to maintain the standard, to ensure the quality of the wafers. So, most of the time, we are doing things repeatedly. Get fresh wafers, run ICP system to etch mesa, run e-Beam evaporator for Ohmic contact metalisation, run rapid thermal annealing system to achieve Ohmic contact, and then measurement of the Ohmic contact resistance.

The boredom only happens after one year. But, back to one year ago, the excitement is there. Just like a freshman who enter the university, the feeling of excitement to leap into a new level of life. Similar to the working life.

The excitement keeps me learning new things. Learning is non-stop process, until I die. Learning is nothing but just gaining experience, knowledge and skill, be it soft-skill or technical skill. Learning from the technical operation on the machine, to understand how the machine works, is not just one day process. Couple of machines I have learned, including Atomic Layer Deposition, Inductively Coupled Plasma etcher, Electron beam evaporator, Rapid Thermal Annealing system, and some electrical measurement system.

Picking up the skill is some kind of achievement. And I like achievement. Making achievement is not just to polish my resume, but it's a random life experience that not everyone can do.

Anything you do, will always earn you something. No matter how insignificant it is.

I always keep this in mind. I strongly believe, for anything that I do, I will earn something back. For the pass one year, besides learning the skill that I should, but also the skill that I could.

The skill that I could, includes the soft-skill. For example. the interpersonal skill. This keeps the communication active between myself and colleagues or mentors, maintains the good relationship and avoid politics if there is. That's one thing.

Second thing, actively involving myself into the discussion is one of the best way learning new stuff. Sometimes I don't even have to give any voice, but listening do gain me something. Never stop listening whenever there's chance.

One more thing, I keep throwing question to mentor, and solve problems together. One thing comes into my mind when facing new problem:

None of the problem is unsolvable.

Worse come to worse, if we couldn't fix the problem by ourselves, we will ask for professional engineer's help. There's really nothing is unsolvable, it's just what way we shall use to solve it.

Problem is always annoying. Once it is solved, it's an achievement.

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