Thursday, October 9, 2014

No point keep saving money

I know, with the inflation rate that keep increasing our daily expense, no point keep saving money. Saving money is a good habit. But, spending money is a skill. I know I couldn't keep saving money to achieve something big. I will never reach with my current mind.

I know, to achieve something big, I should not work alone. I should get assistance. If I am allowed to, I should just shout it out "Help!". But I wouldn't do that. I should be planning, and planning, along the way while picking up help from whoever giving hands to me.

I know, keep working and saving, will not lead me anywhere but keep myself more and more constraint. The more I save, the more I would spend to something else which could be redundant in my life. Spending to buy house and car will give me bigger debt. I should just start my next step while I'm still having limited saving, so I can spend it unwastefully.

I know, without sufficient fund, achieving big is beyond my control. However, thinking from different perspective, why not asking for grant? Well, investment from other parties? I strongly believe in myself, that my brain, will worth more than their investment.

I should not constraint myself to the limited source I have. I should expand my ability, my network, sourcing for more and more supports from wherever I can to achieve something big.

Chances are always there, but it could be too small that we ignore, or it could be too big that we can't afford to swallow it alone. Working alone, we can't achieve. Why not, bring it out, and share it with others, and make it a win-win to all?

This makes my mind. I will keep planning ahead, and execute along the way.

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