Monday, October 13, 2014

When money is all over the mind, where's the first dream?

I saw many people over the internet start thinking about how to earn big money, easy money and even fast money. There are a lot of 'money system' floating out, flooding the social network (which is quite a good tool to implement the system), by asking more and more participation and earn big, easy, and fast money together.

This system create excitement, bring the imagination to the people within their network, trying to draw their dream away from having "big ambition" to "big money". The word 'they' refers to every level of society, young one, old one, students, parents, and anyone from any occupation.

What makes me couldn't resist to write this is, when students from University start joining the system, earning money through it, and start sharing and influencing their friends as well. Why I couldn't stand for it? What's wrong with me?

First Dream: I want to become a ......
Throwing back, when we were younger, we tend to make big dream. A lot of dreams, very ambitious kind. "I want to be a great doctor and invent a new method to heal heart disease", "I want to be astronomer and research a new way for people to travel in the space", "I want to be great architect to design and create the most amazing skyscraper in the world", "I want to be the great musicians and bring the whole new music life to everyone!" These dreams were so ambitious, at least for a young boy or girl, when the mind was so pure and the desire is just so clear, because they want to be what they enjoy seeing in front of their eyes.

But, look at all these 'money' come into mind, when you can earn more money with simply copy + paste + share, conveniently using the social media. When people start saying "What you have to do is just follow", where is the originality and creativity? Where's the first dream that is so real and ambitious? Where's the great musician? Where's the astronomer? Where's the great architect and doctor?

Perhaps, all the dreams come false (dreams don't come true) because of the cruel reality, which is when everyone is facing the money problem. People will start saying "no money no talk", "no money, how to achieve dream?" bla bla bla..

Tell me, spending your time to  acquire professional skill in the university, gaining new knowledge and moulding creativity, but end up joining the system copying each other, what's the value after earning so much money?

The world is changing and growing, because of creativity, not because everyone is doing the same thing.
If earning money is the only dream, talk no passion anymore. Earning big money by doing the same thing over and over again, and the only 'passion' is about 'money'. Once you have it, what are you going to do? The 'achievement', is that really an achievement? No, for me.

We used to make such a big dream when we were younger, hoped to be someone who can contribute to the society with a little effort. That dream, might be achieved or not, but the journey is precious. If we make it, the real achievement is worth much more than earning big money. That's for me.

At least for me, I love to create value, bringing whatever creativity I have to this world, realise it, and make it big. That's the achievement I want to own, and that's what can keep the world changing and growing.

Some part of the world may read this with feeling me as stupid. "Everyone is doing that, and you are just wasting your time thinking about making achievement. What for?" - said and laugh in the heart of someone.

"What for? Because, I have dreams. Dreams to be realised." - by me.

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