Monday, January 12, 2015 has its First Time Out!

Finally, Keepcoin.Net has its first met with people in the real world!

It's being introduced at the starting stage in Segamat, my lovely hometown. It's been to Econsave, UO @ One Segamat, and Nirwana. Next, it will be visiting Giant, Billion and Hwa Tai @ KipMart.

Demonstration was done to the key staffs in each of the shopping centers visited. Having the question asked: "Did you ever come across with the similar platform like Keepcoin.Net?" The answer is shortly and clearly "No". Well, that's right! And that's also the difficult part. How to make them fall in love with this wonderful platform for grocery business? The introduction has to let them appreciate how they can enjoy this free and easy web application.

What has been introduced:
  1. Just key in your price! Find the products you are selling in the website, then key in your price directly and post it!
  2. Promotion online! Key in the promotion price of the products, and post it! Handbill is secondary now!
  3. Easy to use, and it's free! No registration fee is required. No credit card is requested. Just feel free to use it!
  4. Share the link to Facebook!
Keepcoin.Net welcomes all grocery businesses to participate and enjoy the conveniences to promote your business online for free!

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