Friday, March 20, 2015

Constantly Self-Review

Time to start review what I have done, the website KeepCoin.Net has finally got some traffic. Though I have not put any analytic tools to monitor the traffic yet.

Constantly reading through the homepage over and over again, seeing what it is actually lack of. I want to make it better. Perhaps, I should make this thing more strategically, one step follows the other before reaching a climax where contents start to attract more traffic by itself.

Got to think of how to beautify the logo. It's ugly, based on my wife. Yea, it should be better. Going to Photoshop again. Perhaps, the coloration and contrast should be stronger. It's neither yellow nor white. It's just dull. Haha!

Should put more contents as per now. Meanwhile, I should make more feature, and a LIKE button to the Facebook page.

Back to work..

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