Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rest in peace, respectful Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Today marks the 3rd day since late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's father of nation, who passed away on Monday (23rd March 2015) 3.18am in SGH.

NTU was having the memorial ceremony for him for one hour, all the classes in the university from 3pm to 4pm was postponed to encourage students joining this. I was so lucky to have the chance joining this event, as part of NTU staffs, to pay my respect to this legend, Mr Lee.

It was held at Auditorium, the largest function hall in NTU. Out of our expectation, it was full house when I reached there with my colleagues. Wonderfully, NTU has arranged for live broadcast of the ceremony at another big lecture theater, and pavilion outside the theater. Still full house though, I was still able to see the live broadcast at the pavilion.

Everyone respected the ceremony. 5 minute to 3pm, everyone was sitting quietly in front of the big screen, while making sure others standing behind were able to see the screen together.

It's 3pm sharp, the ceremony started. A short video about Mr Lee was played. Unfortunately, some technical issue, the sound from audio system was too soft that none of us in front of the screen were able to hear anything.

But, it was a very peaceful event. No caption from the screening, none of us were able to understand what the video was talking about, but everyone was just quietly watching the video until 10 minutes later, technical staffs fixed it. We were merely enjoy watching the video, seeing the past of Mr Lee, without making noise of whatever it is. Grateful to the technical staffs, and very appreciate to everyone's cooperation for maintaining the event so peacefully. I had never experienced this kind of peacefulness in Singapore.

Talks were given by NTU President, Student Union's Present, as well as NTU Provost who was born even before Singapore get independence (1965). NTU Provost shared his stories during the 'kampung time', and he was just too touched to see the growth of Singapore into what it is today, and sadness of the passing of Mr Lee who contributed and sacrificed so much to this country.

Another 20 minutes video was played, which showed how Mr Lee was playing his leader's role, bring Singapore to merge with Malaysia, and being kicked out from Malaysia, form a Singapore as its own, until today, for more than 40 years. I believed the video would have put number of people into tears.

Ceremony ends 4pm by observing 1 minute of silence together.

I was so proud of the mobility and how organised of NTU teams were for making such ceremony peaceful and smooth. Blessed by Mr Lee in heaven, everything was so perfect and so wonderful.

Although I'm not Singaporean, I sincerely pay my respect to Mr Lee. His spirit of patriotism and sacrifices were so much to be learnt by our generation and next generation.

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