Monday, May 18, 2015

Hard working. Soft learning.

Alright. Time's up for the first working week!

This week gotta be off. Not everything went out smoothly. Part of the job is not done yet. But, as planned, no coding this week. I shall list out a to-do list next week. Or, plan what should-be-done-but-not-yet-done.

This makes me learn something, time management is important. Within one week I shall complete the task planned by the previous week. Somehow, I failed to complete, just half way done.

This teaches me something. I didn't plan well. The week prior to the working week, I didn't really plan what to do. I just made up my mind implementing this alternate work-rest weeks. First week was a rest, second week was a work. Working week shall complete the to-do list prepared in the rest week. But, I didn't even come out with a to-do list!

As what have been planned of, no responsibility held. To-do list might not be a very detailed one, just a brief list of ideas that is left undone last week. The idea is in my mind, just need to noted down, then continue to do something else. Continue to get inspired by anything around me.

Head's up, face away from the coding screen, walk out of office, see the outside world. Learn new thing.

One week off.

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