Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Impressive Service Provided by Apple Chat

I am not an Apple Fanboy, nor I am using everything with Apple brand, except Ipod Shuffle which was given to me as birthday gift by my fiance. Today I was putting an order for a new Ipod Shuffle from apple.com.sg, as my fiance wants to present to her sister as birthday gift as well. I faced some unclear statement during the purchase. Then, I was impressed by their Apple Chat live customer service.

It was 7.50pm. I was trying to place an order for Ipod Shuffle which is stated S$68. While personalizing my purchase, I have the option to engrave some text for free, and choose the gift package for S$8.00. Before I reach the step to make payment, I was asked to choose accessory. The first option, which confused me, was to buy the Ipod Shuffle USB Cable.

Wait, I thought it was included. I went back and check on the first page, where it's stated "What's In The Box", clearly stating there is USB cable inside.

Why do I need to buy another USB cable for S$28.00 while it's already in the box? Or, the one I was going to place the order is not "In the Box"? This confused me.

Trying to figure out, then I saw that little link "Live Chat" at the right of the page. One click, it pop out a new window with a very fancy page of Apple iMessage layout design.

Looks cool. I try to send them message to get clarified. Not expecting any sooner response, I try to navigate away from the live chat page. Within than few seconds before I switch to another window, it says "Now transferring you to an Apple Chat Specialist. Please wait." Wow, that message really works on me. I did really wait.

Then, not taking long time (within 1 minute), I get connected to "Lou" (as shown in the picture). Then, our conversation began, and it (refers to the live chat, I'm not sure Lou is a guy or a lady) stay online until I complete the order.

Customer Service at its best
This is really impressive. I get my question clarified with this very interactive way through this live chat.

Earlier in this article, I was saying I don't expect any quick response. That's because I had some bad experience trying to even "connect and load" the live chat page easily. It's an airline company (not to mention which). It's always showing the message of "Sorry for too crowded session. Please try again later" or something that I don't even want to recall the whole message.

But this Apple Chat is really cool thing. The service quality is really worth its customers to stay loyal even if there is no 'rewarding' scheme for them.

Why am I impressed? It's Customer Retention
This little helpful thing might not get many people impressed. I was impressed, because I have just recently learn about "customer retention", especially in this IT world, where we are expecting people to stay using or subscribing our service (if we are service provider) or software product.

How do you expect a company, to have its own staff, stay online most of the time (if not 24 hours) to serve its customers happily? Imagine if you own a company, would you achieve that? I so hope one day I have my own company with this level of customer service.

Good job Apple.

Oh ya, the S$68 thing.
The S$68 of the Ipod Shuffle is actually coming "In the Box". No accessory required unless I want an extra one.

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