Tuesday, May 5, 2015

One-week-On, One-week-Off?

Is it possible to implement One-week-On, One-week-Off in a company?

What I mean is, half of employees got to work this week, and stay home next week. While, another half are staying home this week, and come back to work next week.

Will this boost the productivity? One week on, one week off, I gotta try it myself.

This week, I'm off. Because I'm preparing for a driving test this Friday. Not working anything on KeepCoin.Net.

Next week, I will commit fully on that.

But, during the off-week, I can do anything I want, to be related to the job, but without any responsibility held.

Because, I always remind myself: "You gotta walk out of the office and see how the world goes around. Inspiration is everywhere. Go and grab them."

Starting now. Off until Sunday 10th May 2015.

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