Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fast Rich Scheme? Successful?

Seeing more people on the social media sharing how they are making money quick, and inviting more people to join them, it's saddening.

People tend to lean their mentality and thought towards: buying expensive car and big house, is the signature of wealthy and successful.

Well, who doesn't hope to have big house and nice car right? I don't mean you can't have those, but for the sake of earning quick money with fast-rich scheme, you don't deserve it.

How Fast Rich Scheme works
Some people start a so-called "system", a networking system where you "invest" certain amount of money to get start with.

Once you joined, you are taught by your senior (who brought you into the system), on how you can be like him/her to invite more people in.

You start to "grow your network", asking more friends or relatives, or even strangers to join your network. Invest together into the system, and you as the referral, start to earn money from new people joining your network.

The system grows larger, and your network gets bigger. You are earning better, because more people are joining your network.

The system becomes large enough that people are easily attracted because many people are earning money from there.

With the power of social media, you share your system online. It grows even faster, until it becomes a system that seems so promising to everyone.

At this point of time, people starts to forget how the money comes from. From where does the money generated at the beginning?

End of the day, it's zero sum game.

Zero Sum Game
What is Zero Sum? By definition, it means "whatever gained by one party, is lost by another party."

I just put it simply, it means "creates No Value".

No value is created to the society, nothing generated at the end. It's just a flow of money from one to the other, with Zero (0) value.

A simpler definition: Money Game.

What is Value?
- You create a product, you sell it. You earn the profit from the product you create, your buyer use your product. That's the value.

- You provide a service, you promote it. People come and try your service, enjoy it, and pay you. You earn the profit, they enjoy the service. That's the value.

But, these values is what the "fast-rich" people say "traditional business", the "slow earning way".

What do you think?

Fast earning way? Well, if you are innovative enough, you can earn fast too.

- You create an innovative accounting software for a company, cutting down the cost of documentation and accounting, you are creating value. You sell the license of the software for big bucks, they enjoy the hassle-free from your software. This is value.

What is successful?
- Mark Zuckerberg, created this valuable company Facebook, with the value of "connecting people online" and "fast & efficiency way of sharing information globally". He earns it. Yet, he does not buy nice car or big house. He is successful.

- Bill Gates, founded Microsoft which you are using in your computer right now, transforming the world into IT era. He is successful not because everyone seeing him owning big car and house, but his value created.

They get rich because they created value, not the other way round.

So you say buying a car and house is successful? I say, creating value to society is successful.

Oh, you are saying your senior has big network and earn lot of money, he is successful in the system? I don't know him. What did he do? Oh I know, he invited you.

When people are fighting hard to make money, I'm putting my effort to make VALUE.

Earning money is necessary, but to the extent of necessity. Excessive causes problem.


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